Should I do it!?? I could have a black 2006 reissue within 2 weeks!

  1. My hubby offered to by me the new reissue 226 in black with silver hardware for my bday and our 1st year anniversay. :yahoo:

    I have wanted one since 2005, and now I have one on hold in Paris, have the forms, and am about to do the transfer but it's SOOOO much money.

    Tell me to do it! I need support! I nagged for about 6 months, and since I have stopped nagging, he suggested it! True :heart:

    It is worth it isn't it!?
  2. OMGoodness!!! Definitely do it!!!:yahoo: The bag is gorgeous!!!! Its such a classic and so beautiful!! Your hubby is an absolute sweetheart to offer to get it for you!:yahoo:
  3. It is worth it!!

    I am so jealous, excellent choice though and whilst it is a lot of money - it is an investment and will bring you so much pleasure!

    Really hope you get it:flowers:
  4. I agree. What a great husband to get it for you. I say get and love it!!!!
  5. Oh yes, it's worth it! You'll love it! The leather is amazing.
  6. Ooooo I am pretty excited. And the shipping only takes 3 days!
  7. Ofcourse! That is a perfect size too!! What a sweet husband you have!! Congratulations on getting your dream bag & on your one year anniversary!! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks... my bday is not till Sept and our anniversary not till Nov, but we thought it may take months to order, not a week or two!

  9. Crystal.... I know you have been wanting one.... and yes, it is way worth it... It is my all time favorite Chanel bag and love to take it out.
  10. Definitely do it! I will always be special as it's a milestone gift! :yes: :yes:
  11. Absolutely, it is worth it!!!:love:
  12. Definitely do it! Your hubby is so sweet
  13. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! - Such a fantastic gift for a milestone. Congrats and enjoy.
  14. Of course you should do it! You'll love it!!:heart:
    BTW, my bday is on September too and (2 year) anniversary on November, exactly as yours. Maybe my bf should get me a reissue too?:P
  15. Get that gorgeous bag NOW before hubby changes his mind!!!