should I do it?? complice T&B cles..

  1. I'm thinking of buying this cute lil thing, I think it'd be good to use just to go out with it fits my keys, cards, some cash..and I can just use it for my bag too. So I called 866 like 5 mins ago to see how long they'll be available for and she told me the just released the last of it, and once those are gone, so long comlice T&B cles. Now..I could get them, I just won't be able to splurge on myself for awhile...what y'all think? should I go for it? I really like it and I think I'll use it lots. Too bad they won't be available for awhile, cuz I really wanted to buy one for my mom too.
  2. I have it..Im using it NOW even!
    Its so cute and it HOLDS A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I now wanna go buy the additional strap for it too..its worth the money!
  3.'re soo funny Jill, don't you have the wallet? the bigger version?
  4. yes go for it ... it's so cute. I got one for christmas and was actually going to return it but thanks to your post, I might just keep it if they are no longer going to produce more.
  5. Get it, get it!!!! Hurry, before they're gone! LOL!

    It's so cute, I'm sure you'll get tons of use out of it!
  6. GET IT!!!!! Sooner than later!!!!!
  7. I have one and I love it! It's sooooo cute and does hold quite a bit.
    Get it!!!
  8. I have one too .. it is very cute .. I didn't know it was of LE release:smile:
  9. Hmmm I din know it was LE...

    Get it before you regret letting it slip by. It's awfully pretty! :love:
  10. I have it and it's wonderful. Very handy for a quick run to the store. Like it so much I bought the Complice Wallet...I know, I'm bad!:graucho:
  11. I was trying to choose between this one and the T&B mini pochette. Can someone post some pics of the inside of the cles to show how much it holds???
  12. oop!LOL!
    i meant I have the wallet from this line!HEHE!
  13. I have the cles, its awesome, so big!!!! get it!
  14. Get it. You will love it.
  15. there's pics in the inside your lv wallet thread...just do a search for "inside wallet" or something..and it should be the last few pages.