should I do a trade-in of my Rolex at Tourneau?

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  1. Tourneau just opened a store here in San Diego a while back. I went in just to have a look around and was talking to one of the SAs. He said they would possibly give me something for my older 14k Rolex Cellini against one of their watches. I haven't gone back because (a) I'm not really looking for a watch right now and (b) I think most likely they wouldn't give me much for mine. However, the watch (being non-waterproof) has not been worn for a long time. It's a shame to just have it locked up.
    Anyone have experience trading with Touneau?
  2. They can give up to 40% of the retail price for a watch depending on it's condition. 40% means it's in pristine condition. Most watch trade-ins will get 10%-20%.

    My husband recently traded in a Tag Monaco 69 and a Corum Bubble and walked out with a Breitling Superavenger for $500 out of pocket. He got about 40% of the watches' value in store credit (after some pushing) because they were in new condition.

    You can always see what they'll offer. They'll take it in the back for the watchman to look at and then tell you what they'd give you in store credit for it. You can take it or leave it. You're not obligated to trade it in at that point.

    One important thing to note: don't mention a possible trade in until after you've negotiated your best price on a new watch. It's like buying a new car.
  3. Yeah, but then don't they just adjust the price they'll give you for the trade-in to end up with the $$ they want to make on the deal anyway?
  4. Not quite sure what you're saying here.
  5. Thanks..I think what you're suggesting, Jan, is that by negotiating the price for the purchase first, that would give some protection against what barcreperie is suggesting. I suppose they could still give you less on your trade-in if you've negotiated a good price on the purchase. But at least you'd have the trade-in as a separate issue.
    Bottom line is since my watch is quite old, even though it's in good condition, I would probably get a few hundred dollars for something that would cost a couple of thousand to purchase new. So it's probably not worth it. I did bring it to another local jeweler who sells Rolex a few years ago and he basically told me it was a nice watch and I should just wear it. He couldn't give me much for it.
    Thanks for the advice.
  6. Hi sdkitty. I am actually a manager at the Tourneau store in San Diego and came across your questions in reguards to a trade. Quick rule of thumb if you want to do a trade and get full value for your watch you want to look at a piece that is 3 to 4 times the amount of the watch your looking at. For Ex: If you are trading in a watch that you purchased for $1000 then you want to look at a watch that is about $3000 to $4000 to get full value. Also you can either do a trade in, or get a discount but not both. If you have any questions please call the store or just come on in. I hope this helps.
  7. Again, my husband was able to negotiate a discount on the price and get trade-in credit, so it depends on the store/SAs.
  8. Good point. They'll adjust the price on the trade-in or the watch.
  9. Like I mentioned before in this thread and elsewhere, this is why you negotiate the price of the watch before mentioning a trade-in and know what a fair value is on your trade-in. If they don't hit the number, you don't owe them the watch. :lecture:

    Get your best price on the watch and then trade in your watch/watches and insist they honor the price they quoted you on purchasing the new watch. As far as what they give you on the trade-in, you have to be willing to fight for what you think is a fair value. They're a retail store, and like any place that sells designer crap, they want to make the biggest profit they can.

    Chances are, with a very old watch, you're not going to get much anyway.