Should I do a doctor's visit?

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  1. Well starting yesterday, my min pin just all of a sudden started urinating in places he has never urinating in before. It all happened when I was watching a movie in bed last night eating some chicken and he was waiting on me to give him some, but I didn't and when he realized I wasn't going to give him some, he just urinated in the bed right in front of me. then that same night, he went in the living room area where my husband and his brother was watching a football game and he just urinated on his brother. Then this morning, he urinated on the corner of the sofa and the last time, he was asleep on the sofa with my husband and urinated on him in his sleep.

    My question is maybe he has a urinary tract infection or something and needs to see the vet or is he just being a minpin?

    And he has no symptoms that maybe he is ill. What should I do.
  2. Always rule out a physical problem before thinking it is behavioral. I would make an appt with the vet. How old is he? If he is not neutered, and reaching sexual maturity, he may be beginning male marking behavior. If you don't need him intact for showing or breeding, usually if you neuter them before the behavior is entrenched, the marking will stop.

    Dogs that I have neuterd before the age of 3 have done well in the behavior dept. One, I was showing him and did nd not neuter till he was 6, well that little bugger still lifts his leg all over. I have to keep a belly band around his private parts when he is in the house:cursing:
  3. I would definitely go to the vet asap, just in case he would have a urinary problem. Chances are it's behavorial, but I wouldn't take any chances and I would have a vet see what's up. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the advice ladies. Actually he will be 2 tomorrow and he is not neutered but from time to time he has pulled this before when he doesn't get what he wants, but it has not been as frequent as it was last night and today. My husband is off tomorrow and he is going to give the vet a call to see if he needs to bring him in. He seems fine though. Maybe its just that minpin behavior!
  5. ^ unless you want to breed him, get him neutered and it should fix the problem (mostly) unless it's a physical issue :flowers:
  6. I would get him to the vet to make sure it's not a UTI and discuss neutering if you're not going to breed or show him. It can help some behavioral issues before they get out of hand.
  7. ^ITA...great advice!
  8. Uh oh, this is the vet-better see the vet! Bladder infections can be miserable! If that's all it is, it shoyuld be an easy fix.
  9. I agree with everyone, better safe than sorry! Hope your baby gets to feeling better.
  10. Update ladies, DH didn't take him to the vet, but he has not urinated on anything that I have seen thus far. DH was at home with him all day and he used his potty pads or went outside. I think he was just acting out this past weekend because he was not getting his way as he sometimes does, but I will still moniter him and for sure give a vet visit this weekend to discuss getting him neutered, maybe that will help some, but he has been cocking his legs up on things everysince he was about 6 months old.