should I DAY or should I WORK ?

  1. Hi girls... long time lurker, first time poster in the Bal forum...;)

    I was hoping you wonderful girls can help me. Trying to decide on my next bal handbag... I was convinced that I wanted the Day in Grape:heart: (when is it ever going to be released?) or Ocean Blue with RH.

    ...but after seeing the Work more and more, I'm torn.

    My First '05 Theatre Rouge (or BELLA for short) is the perfect size right now, but I am slowly needing bigger bags, (yes, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! : ) Most of my bags right now are hand-held, and that's why the DAY seems like a better choice, since I am lacking in the shoulder bag department but the WORK looks and feels soooo 'right'.

    ...being the great enablers that you all are... please help me decide... thanks in advance!!!

    here's :heart:"BELLA" :heart:for those who are interested! (pix are from '05, taken just outside of the Waldorf Astoria hotel after taking her home from Barney’s NY - ohhh, how I remember that day vividly! :smile:
  2. I vote for Work. It looks more polished in my opinion and I wear mine over my shoulder. The Day is more casual so depends on what you do and your style. But, that being said, you can't go wrong with either one.
  3. Both are great bags..the day being one of my fav's & just recently acquiring the work.. soon to be my fav. It sounds like you're leaning toward a work. I say go for the "Work".. and then maybe after that... go for a "day".. great help I am~! But, work 1st then day... ;)
  4. i would say a DAY bag would be a better transition for you. the WORK is a pretty big bag and when first worn, it probably won't fit over your shoulder. unless you're pretty small - the handles are actually shorter than the city style.

    have you ever considered a city? you can wear it both over the shoulder and hand-held.

    personally, i prefer the city and think it can be both dressy and casual depending on how YOU dress!

    good luck with your decision - love BELLA, btw:tup:
  5. I am a huge DAY fan!!
  6. Get BOTH!
  7. work will fit over your shoulder after it's been broken-in.
  8. ^^oogiewoogie: I love how you think! I'm really holding our for grape - we'll see which one really "jumps" at me and maybe go from there?!
  9. ^^KDC: I will, in due time : )
  10. I would say Day, a step up in size and then versatile as a shoulder bag.
  11. It sounds like you're leaning towards the Work and personally, I think the Violet/Grape will look awesome in that style. If you have smaller arms, the Work will fit easily over the shoulder. To break in your handles, you can wrap a few heavy books in towels and put them inside your bag and let it hang. This will help stretch them a bit. Also, like nicole said, you may want to consider the City. It can be worn a variety of ways and it's a nice step up from the First style. BTW, your RT is beautiful! Good luck!
  12. I'm personally not a big fan of the Day, and the Work is one of my fav' styles, so of course my vote goes to the Work:heart:

    I think the Day would be more comfortable to wear, and an easy bag to carry, but it's very casual. Whereas the Work could carry you through casual occasions to more serious(work) occasions. It fits a lot more than the City, but it doesn't look that much bigger on. When it's broken in, the both top corners of the bag slouches, so it just doesn't look big at all.

    Like others have pointed out, you can put it over your shoulder if you have small arms(I'm 5'3", 98lbs for reference)especially when it's broken in and the handles are stretched.

    But if you're "growing" out of your First and wanting something a bit bigger, maybe you should try the City. It's still a handbag but it fits a lot more than the First.

    Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide:heart:

    It's such a great size and completely functional...and my most favorite Balenciaga style

  14. Personally, I love WORK!

  15. Great tip Cracker...I'm going to try that one :smile: