Should I consider buying this?

  1. hermes service is a large part of the value of the bags, imo, so i would skip it.
  2. Thanks Heels.
    I read somewhere that the person that made it can really get in trouble if the bag is taken in for cleaning etc.
    I'm surprised flossyfigaro is selling this bag
  3. YOu are right. Hermes really frowns upon the sale of such bags and will not service them. Although Flossy is an excellent and reputable seller (and even explains this in her auction), it does impair the value of the bag IMO. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if this bag is calling your name- go for it. Just be cognizant of the fact that you cannot have it serviced at Hermes and keep the bag closed when you go to Hermes so they don't see the shooting star. :flowers:
  4. What I don't understand is if that person is allowed to have a bag, and then passes it down to someone in his family...are they never allowed to have ti cleaned?? That's confusing to me...
  5. I know!!! I think its just one of those inexplicable and arbitrary rules set by Hermes. I guess they just try to discourage their craftsman from trying to sell the bags independently. I agree, they should be allowed to pass them to family members though.
  6. Maybe if they can prove they are indeed family members of the craftsmen, maybe they have another way of cleaning the bag such as giving it straight to the factory instead of the boutique. It's just an assumption.
  7. Maybe Hermes figured that these people can just go directly to the craftsman to get it cleaned since they're family.
  8. Flossy is a member of the board and a reputable seller. I believe the bag is at a discount, so it's great for those who want one at a lower cost.
  9. The bag is really in excellent shape. One of these days I'd like to have a bag with the shooting star on it too, for collection purposes.:flowers:
  10. definitely i think there is great value to the bag for the shooting star, despite the inability to get service. and i agree that it is likely assumed that if you know a craftsperson at hermes, you really don't need to fuss with SAs and such to get your bag detailed. flossy is very up front about it all in her description. she's a great PF member.
  11. I think it's great that the seller specified in her listing that the bag cannot be serviced by Hermes due to the shooting star. I like the honesty!:yes:
  12. Hi Nikki

    I understand your concerns regarding the Craftsmans Birkin that I am currently auctioning - just to clarify, it is made by a craftsman either for his/her personal use or for a family member and yes it is of course, as all my auctions, completely authentic.

    I have no compunction about selling this beautiful bag, it is a wonderful addition to anyones collection - personally I love the shooting star symbol, I think it is very unique, hence I bought it and used it myself for a while - my only reason for selling it is, I have too much Hermes BJ in my closet at the moment (not that I am complaining LOL).

    I have priced this bag according to the fact it has a shooting star symbol and cannot be refurbished at Hermes - for those ladies that take great care of their bags, this should not pose any problems - it has years and years and years of wear in it and is in excellent condition.

    Anyone buying this lovely bag will not be disappointed and I am sure it will find a good loving home soon.

    Thanks Kouk, HiHeels, Addicted and Jag for your kind comments.
  13. Hi Flossy
    I am sorry if it came across that I was being disrespectful to you and your obvious integrity.
    I was simply asking as I had read on this or another forum about the 'shooting star'.
    No offence was meant, so I hope none was taken
  14. Oh Flossy! You have a stunning black Birkin that I'm drooling over!!!! It's so gorgeous!!!! :sad: