should i complain(part 2)

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  1. i got a reply from LV after i complained about the service i received at macys but since i dont live in the US i decided just to email LV instead of calling NY. i got a reply email which was basically just a generic thank you which really hasnt satisfied me. does anyone know how i can contact the store(email) directly or should i put it in writing? please PM me if you know the email for LV @ macys herald square NY.
  2. May you'd call the store?
  3. I would put it in writing and send it!!!
  4. Yeah I'd actually send it to the store so they have it in hand. Sometimes stores aren't that great with emails.
  5. When I heard your first post, It didn't jump out to me as something you should complain about. I didn't think it was significant enough for any action. Though I think it's great your letting Louis Vuitton know how you feel.

    For some reason when I think of your story - I feel it's like a getting a haircut at a high-end salon on Fifth Avenue while on vacation. You have to speak up when your not happy. If you don't like a haircut, you don't pretend to be happy and enjoying yourself when you feel horrible about your service. But it's unrelavant to go home in another country and think to yourself that your not happy and decide to take action then on the issue. I don't think it's large enough that anyone will remember it, expecially when you didn't bring it to anyone's attention as it was happening. I'm just trying to figure out what you expect for Louis Vuitton to do. But don't send emails, post or anything - call the store directly and ask to speak to the manager.
  6. ^^^^^^ sooo true!
    definitely contact the store in written, or call them.
  7. Just Do As U Think Is Best 4 U

  8. ^^:yes:

    ...Meanwhile, sorry about your experience...but don't write off LV.
  9. I agree with Rebecca. I'd write a letter. ;)
  10. I'd write a letter and maybe follow up with a phone call in a couple of weeks. I didn't get to read what your first post was about, but I tend to agree with what GianFrancoFerre said.
  11. This is the addr if you need one:
    151 West 34th StreetNew York, NY 10001212/695-4400
  12. Writing is good too, but you won't know how it goes. Calling, speaking to the manager of the store and faxing a formal letter directly is better in my opinion. ;)
  13. Yes, I'm aware of that, but thanks for stating it anyway. I express myself best in writing, hence why I said it. :smile:
  14. if you aren't happy with service, e-mail, write and call the store manager.
  15. In the world of retail, usually letters speak much louder than an angry customer. And an angry customer who follows up with a letter rates much higher up on the MUST DEAL WITH scale. Actually taking time to write out your issues in a concise and articulate manner will draw attention to the situation that yelling and complaining would just get dismissed.

    Managers have to deal with letters - they go directly into personnel files. So if you're unhappy - WRITE WRITE WRITE