should I clean out my b-bags to get my dream b-bags?

  1. So it finally dawned on me that though I possess a few pretty gorgeous b-bags, I never really gotten the style-color that I've always dream bags...which are the CORNFLOWER and INK, either in the city or first style. :love:

    Instead, I have accumulated 3 b-bags that I have grown to love (well,I'm still waiting for a replacement cornflower shrug), but do you guys understand that they are not my first passions? Rather I think I bought them because they were on sale or I got a great deal on ebay. In my closet, I have a Sky Blue Hobo (ebay find), and an Ink Shrug (Shirise 50% sale) and a Cornflower Shrug with a rip (Shirise 50% sale, and this baby is at b-NY right now). THough I love them, they are not my dream bags...:crybaby:

    I feel so torn...but I can't afford to continue buying b-bags which i am doing right now because I never feel completely satisfied with what I have.:yucky:

    The dilemma is this...should I sell the bags that I have in order to get my dream ones? And if yes, I can't decide if I should get a cornflower city and an ink first, or the other way around, or 2 cities (cause I don't know if I love the first, but i just don't want to have 2 of the same styles).:sos:
  2. yeppers, sadly, i think you should sell 'em for your dream bags!!!'s still too much $$$ to spend & not be totally happy...and i'd get the ink first & the cornflower city...the ink first would be so versatile (although i :heart: it in every size) & i think cornflower looks sooooooooooooooo cool in the bigger styles ;)
  3. ^^I agree. Sell them and hold out for the ones you really want!
  4. Sell them and save the money until you find what you really love and want.
  5. thanks aaallabama. i definitely want a cornflower city (where to find one for a good price?) and I can definitely even keep my ink shrug and be happier just because i have the cornflower city. There is a cornflower first on ebay for a good price, and also 2 ink firsts. But NO CITIES.
  6. didi-girl, ashleyby posted 1 day ago about ink cities @ the BH Barney's (check-out the link below ;))
  7. sigh...maybe it's time to list my skyblue hobo on ebay. i wonder if it's a good time to sell?
  8. i think it's best to sell the skyblue during the summer months...people might not wanna buy a lighter color in the fall :yes:
  9. yea definitely! but the new colors just came out so I'm thinking people probably are buying those. ???
  10. Yes, I definitely think you should sell them in order to get the bbags you truly love. Good luck :flowers:
  11. Seems unanimous! I say sell some of the bags you have and get a bag that you REALLY love! I am doing the same thing!
  12. Sell them if they'ren't your dream bags. I have an ink city and a cornflower first and those strikes me as the perfect match because I use the city a bit more than the first and the ink is more neutral than the cornflower. Now you'll still have pretty good chances to find both styles for around retail or even less (especially with a cornflower first i saw some pretty good deals on ebay). The longer you wait the more xepensive they get.
  13. didi, i am presently going through this dilemma myself. i find myself not using my smaller bbags as much and wanting only the larger styles. my dream bag would be the 05 turquoise work or weekender. like you, i am finding it hard to let go of my bags and deeply afraid of seller's remorse. i got very good advice to hang on to my bags until i find my dream bag (thanks chi and mims). what's the hurry, right? ;)

    i would wait until all the hoopla over the f/w bags have passed.
  14. I agree with aaalabama - I think you consider selling at least one of them to get your dream bag. If you really have your heart set on the Cornflower city, maybe you could call a store that has several locations (like Barney's or NM) and ask a sales person to do a search for you? They should be able to check inventory at all of the stores. If you are looking for ink, I think Barney's NY still had a few (I don't remember what styles though).