should I change the Neverfull to Delightful?

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  1. I would like ask for help again. I have just bought a mono Neverfull GM last weekend and now I am not so sure whether I should keep it or change it to Delightful MM or Artsy MM in Azur. I have already a Neverfull GM in DE, an Artsy MM in mono, a Speedy 30 in DE and a Eva in mono.
    Do you think to have two bags in the same design and same size is too much? Is Delightful better than Neverfull?
    Thank you very much.
  2. I don't have a problem with it as I do have couple of bags in the same model but different size/color
    the question is if you really love it or you're just used to the style?
  3. I am wrestling with this very dilema! I have a NF in DE and am thinking about getting one in DA too. I think that I come to the conclussion that if you love a bag and it works for you then its perfectly fine to get it in the same style different pattern! Good luck on your decision:smile:
  4. You should add the delightful to your collection. It's a great bag.
  5. I use my DE Neverfull quite a lot during the winter, while I think it is a bit too dank for spring and summer. The mono could be used all year round. I would like to have a DA bag in my collection, while till now I could not decide which style I should choose.
  6. I would like to say that my dilema is due to your nice videos.:wave::wave: At the beginning I am more or less sure that I would like to keep the Neverfull and after watching your videos, I am not any more so sure.
  7. I don't think it's too much if the style and size works for you. I have 3 NF's, all MM and I'm very happy to have them in different prints but if it bothers you, definitely go with a different style. If you do get the Artsy in DA, would you feel as you do now with the NF's? So I say keep and adore the Mono NF or add the Delightful for versatility. Only you know which you'd be happiest with. I don't think the Delightful is necessarily better than the NF. It's a great hobo and the NF is a great tote, I love them both. Good luck deciding!
  8. I have both and I love them! You should add the delightful.
  9. I haven't tried the delightful on till now and I have also no idea which bag is more secure.
  10. Is the Delightful GM really big? I see them on sale preloved, was thicking of getting one since I love the slouchy hobo style so much.
  11. Yeah, unfortunately neither has a zipper. Both have a wide opening but I think with the NF cinched and the way the Delightful hangs/falls when worn, the security is about the same. I can't imagine anyone getting a hand in either one (if the NF is cinched).
  12. I think either would be secure if worn like this. This is the MM in NF, I don't have a GM.

  13. Go for the delightful, it will be a great addition to your collection.