Should i change my name?

  1. I totally love Lisa Marie Presley but i am getting kind of sick of people always making a comment about my name...Do you guys think i should just change my name or something? I do like my name though, so dont really know what to do for the best.
  2. Don''s cute!
  3. What do you mean your name? As in your IRL name or as in your online nickname?
  4. oh my god no way dont, ur names so nice. i changed my name recently through deed poll but thats because i totally hated my name, it wasnt a drastic change though. are you thinkin of a drastic change or just to lisa or somethin?
  5. Hi i meant my real name, not my IRL/Online nickmane e.t.c. Well its the same anyway lol.
  6. No way, it's such a beautiful name! :heart:
  7. no, i think it's fine the way it is! one of my high school friends has an older sister named Lisa Marie... but she only goes by Lisa.
  8. I say keep it. Who cares what people think, it's a lovely name!
  9. thankyou, thats kind of you to say. it just can get a little annoying sometimes :lol:

    i have a friend called Talisa, thought about changing it to that but not so sure now. thanks for your opinions
  10. ITA with the the other posts - no way - unless you are not happy with it. It is a lovely name.
  11. Keep it! Id love to have a famous name lol
  12. The question is not whether you love Lisa Marie Presley, but whether you love the name Lisa Marie for itself enough to keep it for life.

    And while you can most certainly change it any time, if you should decide that you really do want a different name, the sooner you do it, the better, for the practical consideration that the older you get, the more people you will know, and thus the more complicated a name change will be, for other people as well as for you.

    If you decide to change it, you will have to choose a new name, which might sound like fun until you consider how many times your favorite things - names, colors, pizza topping - have changed already during your lifetime, and now you are asking yourself to choose something that will make you as happy when you are 90 as it does today, which is not what I would consider a fair thing to ask of any young person.

    We all have the option of changing our name. There's a reason so few of us do. Several reasons, in fact, and you will be in a much better position to enumerate and describe each of them than I.

    The good news is that although it may be hard to figure out which name you will like as much when you are 90 as you do today, I do not think that it is likely that you will ever like having the first thing people say to you be a comment about the daughter of a late lamented celebrity any more than you do today.

    On the contrary, if today it makes you annoyed, another few decades of it and you may find yourself having to pay a professional to help you with anger management issues.

    I am sure that all of us here would love to help you choose a new name, and our help will be of very little use to you, though no doubt a source of great amusement, and anybody named Lisa Marie can use all the amusement they can get.

    And it now gives me great pleasure to assume the greater honor of being the first to articulate what so many are too polite to ask:

    What were your parents thinking?
  13. Maybe you could stop using the Lisa or the Marie part?
  14. ^^ yeah.

    I love your name though.
  15. Awww don't!! It's a beautiful name. And as a prev poster said, you can always just go by either Lisa or Marie.