Should I change my Hermes Dream.

  1. I am on the list for a 35 cm Birkin Blue Jean Togo.
    :crybaby: It is very hard to wait should I just get another Birkin?
    But what color?

    Must be a 35 cm.
  2. Your dream is the BJ Birkin?

    Why not leave it in place, and look for something else for right now??

    Can your SA do a search for you?
  3. My first dream birkin was just a birkin. I figured I would not get too specific with color or leather until I knew if I love that type of bag. I also knew that all of the colors and leathers that Hermes makes are perfection. My husband lucked out and found my first Hermes at the boutique in NYC. It was a birkin 35 orange in swift. I love my bag and know that I love the style and for the next purchase I will pick color and leather
  4. Keep the order for the BJ! I just love mine, it makes me happy.LOL Waiting for it would make you love it just that much more. Plus it is such a "happy" color IMO.
  5. Birkins are too expensive to settle for. If you want BJ, it will be worth the wait. Could you get something like a clutch or wallet right now to ease the pain?
  6. Thanks ladies some days are just very hard.
    It gets harder coming here every day.
  7. ^^I know, this place is simply evil!:devil:

    I agree with the rest, wait for your dream bag!
  8. if it is your dream Birkin then I would wait for it.
  9. I say wait for your dream bag to come in.
  10. Wait for it~~ You're not alone. :yes: hang in there!
  11. Hey LookingGood - my dream bag too and I'm still waiting (sometimes even patiently!)

    Hang in there at 12.01am NYE we declared 2007 the year of the birkin so it must happen.....
  12. Although DH is authorised to grab an orange 35 birkin with PH is he sees it!

    What hardware ya gettin'?
  13. Ifit's your dream, I would wait for it! Having said that, sometimes, you see a Birkin at the store and Cupid just shoots an arrow into your heart and you cannot resist!
  14. I totally hear you on this... It does help when work is simply VERY BUZY and kept me away from here. :wtf:

    But We SHOULD not settle for something ELSE.. Gotta have patience! :hysteric:
  15. I agree with Greentea, "Birkins are too expensive to settle for." Wait for what you truly love and ask your SA to look for it.