Should I cave??

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  1. Dear ladies

    As some of you know, I've been lusting after a 10C red lambskin maxi for quite a while. :search: I've just noticed that there are a couple available on Ebay. Should I cave and go for that option?

    Must confess that I am so NOT a fan of Ebay - my DH buys quite a lot of stuff through Ebay and he's had a number of bad experiences. :cursing::pout: So, I have always stayed away from it but I think I've now exhausted all possibility of getting a 10C red lamb maxi from any "authorised retailer".......

    Also, with the price increase that's in place, the mark-ups on Ebay don't look quite so bad now????


    Would love to hear your views please.....
  2. definitely purchase from power seller only AND have it auth it by the experts in Auth This just to be safe. Lamb maxi is gorgy in 10C red, but have u think about the red chevron? it's equally stunning and easier to care for than lamb, just my two cents :P GL!
  3. hey Classic Chic, clearly, great minds think alike!! I bought the exact same chevron but in the jumbo size last weekend and am waiting for the bag to arrive!


    problem is that I am still dreaming of the classic 10C red lamb......think I've got a bad case of "the-one-that-got-away-and-therefore-I-now-cannot-live-without-it"itis!!!
  4. :yahoo: yeah! The patent is soo pretty, glad its already on her way to you! Totally know what you mean, i kept chasing the ones I said no first (Bubble Quilt) and now I'm hunting a green or paris moscow BQ woc :sweatdrop:
  5. ooh BQ......2 years on, I still dream, from time to time, of the grey flap tote I passed on......

    this is terrible though, I got the chevron really as a consolation prize PLUS a gold reissue and now I'm still chasing after the red lamb??

  6. Its so shinyyy!!! :smile:
  7. Mojo I can sooo relate to you!!!! aargh
  8. my 2 cents-

    go for ebay if you find it and it's a decent price.
    But like they said...only go for power sellers, authenticate, etc. etc.
    Check the return policy - like if it's been misrepresented can you ship it back, etc.

    Ultimately if you use ebay, everyone may have a bad experience once just because of the "odds", I think. Doesn't mean you will necessarily have a bad deal with the red lamb...I guess what I'm saying is if that's the only way you're going to get it, and you just have to have it, I'd say go for ebay, cautiously, and try your luck.

    Good luck but let us know!!
  9. There's one on ebay when i checked a couple of days ago. the prices were a shock initially but now with the price increases in place......hmmm.......

    I can find a million and one excuses to justify my extravagance!!!! :shame:

    I think I'll wait till my chevron arrives - hopefully any day now!! - and then see if I'm STILL thinking about the red lamb....baa baa...
  10. mojo I was on ebay today and saw 3 red maxi lambs today!!

    i thought of you!
  11. good plan!! the meantime you can try counting sheep at night hee hee

    "baaa, baa..."
  12. Ebay can be good. I've only had one really bad experience after many many good ones. Check for power sellers, check the "selling" feedback and make sure there lot's of it that is great. Go for a good price but beware of something that is too good to be true. Last time I got burned on a return policy I mis-read.
  13. thanks gratefull and pursedreams! :ghi5:

    I'm trying HARD not to look on ebay!
  14. for sure!! sorry :sad:

    try really really hard, lol!:graucho:
  15. BTW I'm having my own hard time!

    2 of my HGs are there! And it's not gonna happen!

    oh well.....

    a girl can dream sigh

    I''ll make 'em happen eventually though:graucho: