should i cave in?

  1. am new to Celine but that hasn't stopped me from posting here asking questions and gathering all the relevant and vital information.

    was at Selfridges earlier today and chanced upon the following, just want a vote on which one shall i pick???

    1) Mini Luggage in Electric Blue ;)

    2) Phantom Small Croc stamp in Grey (is this the new color?) :graucho:

    3) Mini Luggage in Vermillion Python :p

    would appreciate all the helpful votes!

    **TIA** :smile:
  2. What does electric blue look like? Any pix?
  3. i'm sure its not the official name of the color, it look likes royal blue ;)
  4. Blue:smile:
  5. I vote for Royal Blue Mini. I love croc stamped Phantom, but I feel nubuck leather is hard to maintain.
  6. is it hard to maintain? whats the cons? and what about the python one? the red one is really amazing! i'm just wondering if its justified paying for almost 2700 pounds for it and the after care would be hell... :sad:
  7. RE: your private message to me, I would suggest a Medium in Dune or Navy or the classic Black. But amongst those listed by you, I'd go for the Phantom.
  8. shall go tml to Harrods and check the selection there, have been told that they carry different color/materials to Selfridges. ;)
  9. phantom :o)
  10. Royal blue mini would be my first choice then the croc stamped phantom.
  11. Both blue and phantom are fine, depends what colour you really like. For using purpose do u prefer a bag with the top zip like mini or without the zip like phantom has an open top~~~
  12. I'm a HUGE fan of exotics so I would choose the python mini.
  13. I'd spring for the Vermillion Python if it's in your price range--but if this is your first one, then the royal blue mini may be the way to go. Good luck!
  14. mini luggage royal blue!
  15. Did you see any black Mini Luggages in London?

    I'd go for the croc Phantom.