should I catch these wallets before they're gone?

  1. Wow! Are those cute! I love the swirl wallet. I'm not familiar with the designer but he has some great goods! I would be happy with any of them as I bet you would be, too.
  2. those are pretty! my mom has a swirl bag of his. so cute! but she never uses it. i think those are high prices though.
  3. cute.cute, I like them...
  4. Paul Smith is such an enduring designer. I've never owned any bags or purses by him, but have several suits and they are divine - well worth the money. His stripey range is big in the Selfridges display at the moment and whilst its not for me, it is so eye-catching and makes me smile!
  5. i like these :
  6. ^^ Those are my favorite too ... the swirl wallet is just too cute!
  7. Yes! I love them all. :yes:
  8. I love the swirl ones!
  9. ^^I'm going back and forth, I'm thinking one of these or maybe something epi, since it'll have better resale value the paul smith, but I love his designs!
  10. I am using red epi accessories but love the pink small wallet above!
  11. that swirl wallet is gorgeous and would look great with your bbag :graucho:
  12. Yes, definitely. They are so bright and fun! I really like the first one, with the polka dots. Think about how excited you would be every time you pulled out your smiley wallet...instead of the usual black/brown.
  13. either wallet #2 or #3 to match with the bag:love:
  14. Love the swirl wallet :smile: No to the bag, though!