Should i carry my baby cabas to work?


Nov 8, 2006
i'll be clerking in a law firm next month. :shrugs: not sure if i should carry it to work, cos i'm still a collage student. i heard some rumours that it is more likely for the firms to hire someone who is presentable and can bring business to the firm (usually through family connections). so the thing is i do want to dress professional, and at the same time a bit classy. but then everyone who are working in the firm are my boss. so girls i really need your opinions.


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
Personally, I wouldn't until you go and see what everyone else wears or carries. I would opt for a plain conservative bag for the first day. Last thing you want to do is bring unnecessary heat due to someone's jealousy, wrath, or whatever. It's unfortunate that some people are like this. Of course, if you don't care too much, I'd say tote that baby and have fun!

Mai Britt

Oct 13, 2006
I agree with BalenciagaLove .. Wait a day or two and see what the 'look' is around the company .. personally I bring my bags to work (not a law firm) and flaunt them, but I have worked there for a few years..

I am sure the Baby cabad will upgrade any outfit and that you will look grwat ..


Dec 21, 2006
I agree it's not something you should tote into the office, at least at first. And here's why I'm saying that... a first impression which suggests that you don't need to have a job, that you're doing it for fun and could quit without blinking an eye, should be avoided.


Dec 21, 2006
And p.s., Shirley, few law firms want a decorative "potted plant". They'll care much more about whether you're doing the work assigned you in a professional and conscientious manner, work well with others, etc. than whether you come from a privileged family (or seem to) because they're not banking on anyone's family connections as a source of clients. There are lots of high-pressure deadlines in a law firm and anything you can do to help the lawyers meet those deadlines counts for a lot. So, don't forget to use the spellcheck feature on your computer there and double-check your work before giving it to the "higher-up"... a typo like collage instead of college is the kind of thing that makes them roll their eyes ;)
Dec 6, 2005
Personally, given it's size and dangly CC charm I would say no. I don't know the color of your bag or the type of law firm but I'm a lawyer, have worked in large and small law firms, during and post law school--all environments were pretty conservative. Really you want your work and personality to stand out first, before wardrobe, I have found this to be very important especially as a woman making my way through a male-dominated environment. The cerf tote would be great on the other hand, I just don't think the Cabas is the most professional Chanel out there, I love it though LOL!


Sep 27, 2006
haha I totally agree with you BQueenGirl. Nobody knows my baby cabas is Chanel until they see the charm. To me it's the most plain bag I have. If you tuck the charm inside I think it looks classy to wear to your work. I carried mine to school and my office. I guess you should just wait and see what kind of environment it is.
May 23, 2006
The cerf tote would be great on the other hand, I just don't think the Cabas is the most professional Chanel out there, I love it though LOL!

I agree that a more-structured, more-formal Chanel bag (like a Cerf Tote, Grand Shopping Tote, or Classic Flap) would probably be preferrable for work at a conservative law firm. I think the Baby Cabas bags are too casual--gorgeous and hip, but still casual! They look fabulous with jeans, but I'm not so sure about with a business suit. Just my opinion.


May 13, 2006
Hi shirley - I'm a newbie to the chanel forum, as i've spent my time mostly over at balenciaga - but i have been lurking over here, researching a chanel purchase, and saw this thread.

as a management consultant, i have been in many, many businesses. i really don't think most people would judge you by the bag you carry, or as cougess says, even know what the bag is. i think people will judge you by your attitude towards the work you have to do.

having said that, i would be concerned, not about the bag itself, but about your self-consciousness about it. if you are worried about it, that will be obvious - you'd be hiding the bag, looking at it, and generally acting not-natural. and that would be bad. (then, people would think you are a person who cares more about your bag than about your job)

if you can carry the bag and not even think about it, then go for it! otherwise, carry (and wear) something you don't have to give a thought to. :smile: