Should I carry LV to a conference?

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  1. I am off to an academic conference tomorrow. I am not giving a talk, but will be involved in discussions. It's not a corporate environment and I will be wearing an unstructured jacket (chavalier from aritzia) and a pencil skirt. My outfit is almost all black with a bit of gray

    I normally carry a coach tanner tote in cognac for this type of ting because it's nice, but not too logoed or expensive. But it's quite big and I won't have much stuff with me. It would be almost empty!

    Realiastic choices are

    LV Speedy B 35 in DE
    LV epi noe in black
    Coach phoebe in gray
    Coach tanner tote in cognac (structured tote, not at all casual)

    All of these others are unstructured but it's not a businessy type of event.

    Most attendees will be men and will probably be clueless anyway.

    Is it appropriate to carry my speedy b?

  2. Yes
  3. Yes, i think you should be fine with the speedy. If you have doubts , carry your Epi Noe!!!
  4. Carry the speedy!!
  5. Great, thanks for the quick replies to my bag emergency! I will transfer to speedy right now!
  6. speedy b in DE is my choice. you don't need the strap during the conference to make it a bit more dressy. then when you travel, you can put on your jeans and use the strap! the most versatile bag!
  7. I agree with Speedy B in DE as first choice. My second choice would be Coach Phoebe in gray.
  8. I would go with the Epi Noe.
  9. Epi Noe since is black and less eye catching.
  10. Absolutely!
  11. I say yes!
  12. Absolutely!!
  13. Sure! :smile:
  14. I say yes of course!!!
  15. of course!!!👍