Should I cancel this bid?

Apr 29, 2008
I'm selling a NWT Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweater. A buyer just bid that actually has negative buying feedbacks, which I didn't even think was possible. They are all two years old. Should I contact her? Let it go and see if she wins, or cancel? And if I cancel, how do I do it?

Here is her 3 feedback messages:

never paid,this is UNFAIR why be so cruel you should be ashamed cost me MONEY!! Seller: xxx ( 6210) Oct-02-07 21:17

Buyer never responsed to multiple e-mails and never paid for item. Seller: xxx ( 21) Sep-12-07 11:54

Great Ebayer! Fast payment! Seller: xxx ( 88) Oct-26-06 06:37


Jul 4, 2008
If she wanted to try and move past her bad record I would do it with small purchases to show effort before moving onto something like cashmere sweaters. I think you did the right thing. If she was really upset she could have emailed and asked for your okay.