Should I cancel my payment?

  1. Hello all, I made a purchase from a 0-feedback seller, brand new. I felt pretty comfortable with her communication and extra pics etc.. so I bid and won. When I paid, through eBay checkout, the payment sits unclaimed as she comes up not a registered Paypal user (according to my notes in the Paypal payment). I didn't even know eBay would allow that for a seller these days... should I cancel the payment? I have that option still. Or wait for her to explain/claim the payment? I'm semi freaking out. Thanks!!
  2. I wouldn't worry about the payment, perhaps paypal has a hold on it since she is a new user. I would worry about getting the stuff. Has she issued a tracking number yet?
  3. Her account could be put on hold as she is a newbie...

    Would wait to see what her explanation is & also if she providees any

    shipping info..
  4. Thanks guys I finally heard back... I ended up canceling it because it said 'not a registered user' and it made me too nervous. But the seller said she called Paypal to get it straightened out and when I re-paid it went fine. Not sure what was wrong but it's all good now.

    Thanks!! :smile:
  5. Glad it worked out....
  6. If I remember right, you are an unregistered PayPal user until you have a confirmed credit card on file with PayPal. If you are not registered, it does not automatically go into your account, you have to go into PayPal to click on the payment to claim it..I cannot remember if PayPal notifies you on that kind of payment.