Should I cancel buyer's bid?

  1. I had listed a bag on eBay, and to my surprise this morning, I recieved a bid already. And like all my other past auctions, I always check buyers' feedbacks. On my auction, I state that if you have zero (although I had let that go a few times, some newbies are very sweet) OR negative feedback, to please contact me first. This buyer did not do so, and she does have 1 negative feedback (9 feedbacks total, all other 8 are very old). I found out that she never paid nor answer emails to the last auction she won, and that her address was suspicious. Her address is in HK but her email address is in UK. I got this info from the seller who didn't get payment from her in the last auction. So guys, should I cancel her bid? If so, how do I do that? I've never cancelled anyone's bids before. I already had a non-paying buyer in the past, and I would really like to avoid it this time since this one cost much more. Or should I wait since I just listed my bag and there are still 6 days left? Please advise! Thanks for listening :smile:
  2. If you think she'll create trouble for you or you're not comfy to do business with her then go ahead to cancel her bid.

    I'm confuse with this: Her address is in HK but her email address is in UK

    Perhaps she use UK provided to sign up her email? My friend is in Asia and he registered with :smile:

    Anyway, non paying bidder feedback will be red flag
  3. Thanks lvgodiva. Do you think I should just cancel her bid or contact her first? Maybe she didn't pay b/c she thought the seller's item was fake? I feel bad cancelling someone's bid. I've never done it before. How do I do that? In regards to that UK email address thing, that's what the other seller told me, and she said she found it to be strange. Although I'm not sure why, but I wouldn't normally find that strange.
  4. I would cancel the bid because it's better to be safe than sorry.

    If her shipping address is in a different country than her "eBay address on file", then I am pretty sure that counts as invalid contact information, and is a suspendable offense with eBay.
  5. Try emailing her about it and maybe let her explain herself.
  6. I think it's always prudent to cancel a bid if you are asking yourself if you should. :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! So if I cancel the bid, should I let the buyer know first that I will be cancelling? Or do I just do it?

    Also, I just read on Ebay:

    Canceling bids
    In general, sellers should not cancel bids on their auctions.

    Legitimate reasons to cancel a bid include:

    A bidder contacts you to back out of the bid.
    You cannot verify the identity of the bidder after trying all reasonable means of contact.
    Important:Bids cannot be reinstated once they've been canceled.

    Those aren't exactly the reasons I want to cancel. Will I still be able to do it?

    Thanks again!
  8. I regularly cancel bids on my items if they seem suspicious or have bad feedback. but if you do cancel someones bid always remember to add them to ur blocked bidders list to. Just in case they decide to bid in the last minute!
  9. Don't feel bad about canceling a bid. And definitely block them. You're the seller, it's your decision who you sell to and who you don't.
  10. Thanks designermummy and lorihmatthews for the advice! I just did it. I cancelled the bid and blocked her.
  11. I think cancelling was the smart thing to do. Let someone else deal with her in the meantime. A lot of times it's so tempting to blow off the warning signals, but I am definitely getting more weary with eBay.
  12. I know what you mean Litigatrix. Now that I cancelled it, I don't have to think about it. At first I felt bad, but I did state on my auction to please contact me first if you have a negative feedback which she didn't do. Now I have more peace of mind b/c there are 6 days left, I don't want to be worrying for the next 6 days whether this buyer is legit or not. Thanks for all the advices!
  13. I cannot believe how many bidders with 0 feedback do not contact the seller when it is clearly stated in the auction that their bid will be canceled if they do not contact the seller prior to bidding. Always makes me think they are arrogant types that just feel they do not have to follow any rules.
  14. Hm, I'm curious. What do you discuss with a bidder with 0 feedback? I mean, how can you tell if they really are a newbie or if they got shutdown and started a new account? How do you judge & do you tell them they can or can't bid on your items? :confused1::confused1:
  15. I just had the same issue, CANCEL THE BID! Trust me! I accepted an offer on an LV bag, the buyer tried to pay with a stolen credit card through paypal. So don't waste your time!