Should I can her bid??

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    I listed a clutch on eBay with a reserve and last night someone bid over the reserve. This morning I get a message from the highest bidder (0 feedback) that she had bid on the wrong clutch she was watching and could I please cancel her bid. There's still 9 hours left till the auction ends. If I don't cancel it then she probably won't pay anyway, right??

    What would you do? Would you cancel her bid? I'm torn on what to do??
  2. Just cancel it before you end up having to deal with a NPB. I don't see how anyone could bid on the wrong clutch.
  3. I think she may have bid on it, slept on it, and woke up this morning saying "what did I do and how do I get out of it?"
  4. She probably put in a random number to try and see what your reserve was. I think I'd just cancel.
  5. I agree I would just cancel it. You still have some time left before it ends. Good Luck
  6. Cancel it, it's not worth a NPB.
  7. Cancel AND Block. That is probably what she is doing.
  8. Thanks everyone! I canceled her bid and then someone else came around and bid above the reserve anyway.

    She just started eBay in June. I hope she doesn't plan on bidding all her auctions that way...she won't last long :tdown:
  9. ^ glad someone met your reserve! :biggrin:
    I also hope she's not another buyer we all have to list down to avoid.
  10. I would have let her retract her own bid so others could see how many bid retractions she has.
  11. ^^I agree...this is what I do.
  12. ita!!

  13. THANK YOU!!!!!

    I would not have canceled her bid--- these giddy biddy buyers have got to be outed so that the rest of us can have a chance to protect ourselves. There isn't much you can do about snipers but I always check for a bidders retractions in case *I* want to cancel their bid.
  14. How do you check if bidders have retracted their bids before?
  15. ^If they're bidders, you can just click on their names that have been anonymously scrambled. I think that's the only way to check.