should i call?

  1. ok so i bought the azur speedy from texas. i paid extra for the 2 day fed-ex shipping. should have gone out wednesday which would make it to me by today. so it's 12:30 now. should i call the lv and see if they can give me a tracking number or wait til later or tommorrow? i'm just REALLY anxious to get my bag!
  2. I would just for your own personal purposes. I mean, it can't hurt.
  3. 2 day fed ex, is end of day...not 10:30, only P1 is by 10:30...but call if you want to follow up and ask for tracking.
  4. I would call and ask them to see what's up. Call and ask for someone who actally knows what they're talking about... Adam, Enrique, Rene, Courtney, or Elaina. I'm taking you already have the direct number to the boutique?
  5. oh ok twinkle. see i think my building is usually am deliveries. i thought it was if it's not on the truck by xx then it's not coming that day.
  6. i do have the number. i spoke with mike, he's the one who took my order. should i not ask for him.

    i'm not panicing it's still early but i don't want to have paid extra for 2 day if its not coming til tomorrow or later, kwim?

    i mean, i'm at work it's not like i'm going to get it before i get home tonight anyway but i know it hasn't come yet because my doorman calls me.
  7. um, you're like the awesome dude here.... do you get paid for this??? lol...

  8. i am extremely impatient and would call just to "check in" on the status to assuage my eagerness....:sweatdrop: :shame:
  9. They won't give you the tracking number (don't know why) but they can track the package for you. I would call and find out where it is in transit. Fedex is known for not leaving notices or just leaving packages w/o a signature.

    I just checked my machine again and IT CAME! IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    is it wrong for me to quit my job so i can go home and get it?! LOL
  11. ^^Umm, yes, it would be wrong to quit your job to go home for it! LOL

    Just think how happy you usually are on Fridays to get out of the office BUT, how much happier you will be this Friday! Congrats!
  12. congrats!
  13. oh i want to quit my job any way. this is just an excuse. hey. i could be fired! whoot!

    sorry, having a very bad few days...

  14. LOL! /hugs... sounds like my job. :p
  15. stay at your job---need $$$---you need more LVs---it makes you so happy!:yahoo: