Should I call the Police?

  1. Driving home from work moments ago, I saw a women and a toddler standing in a grassy median between a divided road getting ready to cross the street. I was the only one on the road when I saw her hit her child so hard he fell to the ground. Then as I was passing she pulled him up by his arm so hard I really think his arm came out of the socket. I was so shocked by what I had just seen, I burst out in tears at the stop light(and I don't cry easily). It was one of the most upsetting things I have ever seen IRL.

    What do you think? Am I overreacting? Should I call non emergency and report?
  2. I'd do it. Child abuse is something I will never tolerate in any way.
  3. Oh that is awful... I have never encountered something like that... do you know the woman? how could police track her?
  4. ^^ I could have described her to a T. Long black hair, jean jacket, jeans, black shirt, little boy wearing a green striped shirt, jeans. The image is seared in my brain.

    I am feeling really guilty that I did nothing :sick:. I don't know that the police would have done anything w/o seeing anything, but I feel terrible.
  5. I saw a simliar situation in a gracery store some months ago. I was OUTRAGED. I did not know what to do. Its heart breaking. I wish I would have called the police. So much.
  6. If you feel that strongly, then yes, something must be wrong.
  7. poor child...i feel so bad that have parents in their life that abuse them :cry:
    what happened? Did you call the police?
  8. :crybaby:
  9. :wtf::crybaby:That's heartbreaking!! Poor child. I would definitely call the police or bring attention to that matter somehow. That's terrible.
  10. Yes, call. You may be the person who saves this child. You were a witness & this child cannot help itself. Tomorrow night at the same time, take the same route and see if you see her again. If you do, call PD. She likely lives in the area.
  11. I think you should call if it ever happens again. It would probably make you feel a tad bit better to know that the police are aware and can do something about it.
    We called the police about a month or so ago when we were at the post office and saw a druggie who was obviously high with a young child...maybe 3 or 4 years old at most. He was dirty, neglected, and eating something off the ground while she was screaming and crying at the air. It was heartbreaking. The police showed up and though we don't know what eventually happened, dh and I felt a little relieved that it was now in the hands of someone responsible who had the power to possibly do something about it. My heart breaks for all of those abused and neglected children out there. :sad:
  12. Yes, report it. Even if nothing comes of it this time they will at least make a note of the reported incident and your conscience will be clear.
  13. I would report it.
    If thats how she acts out in public it could be much worse behind closed doors.
  14. OMG!!! :crybaby: People like that just really get under my skin!!
  15. I am going to call non-emergency this morning and ask what the procedure for filing a report is and what the police do to investigate. I'll post it here for information for anyone else who is ever in this situation.