should i call or just stop in?

  1. my SA is doing me a favor. i also am waiting to hear about a SO request. she told me last week she would be in tues and friday night. by the time i got there on friday she had left. the other SA and i chatted for a long time. she told me my SA would be in tomorrow. we talked about when would be a good time for me to go in- since i'm not necessarily buying anything i don't want to go when it's busy and take up her time, kwim?

    should i call? or should i just go in? when would you think would be a good time to go? i am on pins and needles waiting to find out about my SO request.
  2. I *personally* would go in. Act like you were in the mall and just wanted to pop in and check real quick :smile:

    I find (at my boutique, anyway) it is better/easier to just stop, I love the SAs at the boutique and love chatting with them! :smile:
  3. You can always call first to make sure your SA is there then you can go in later.
  4. Oh I agree-I'd go in for sure! Don't go in TOO early though or you'll look too eager lol.
  5. I would just call:yes:
  6. I would also call ahead first. ;)
  7. either would work... but calling before anything is always proper etiquette.
  8. I would call.
  9. i'd personally wait for a phone call and thats only because when my best friend worked at LV she would always complain to me about how her and the other SAs were bugged when there were customers coming in and asking about if their SO or repair is done. She would just be like "did we call you? cause if we didn't then it's not done yet."
  10. i'll call this morning but not too early. thanks everyone.

    evol- i'm not waiting for a so to be done- i'm waiting to see if they ok'ed it. it's been over a week and ama who asked her SA after me found out already so i think it's ok to ask. plus i'm also dropping something off.

    anyway, thanks.
  11. Call.
  12. heck yea go in!
    its a so and you are a s customer!
    you should never FEEL like you are wasting your sa's time. but its great that you are considerate of your sa's time.

    go get a breath of lv for us over here in internet land, huh?
  13. hey, what is your so?
  14. I'm just about to ask this. :confused1:
  15. if your going to be in there any how and she isn't busy whats the harm?