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  1. I found a B-bag at a very good price but it's rather worn and turning gray. Is it possibly to clean it up? It was a light color to begin with.
  2. Well, I would need to know some other info. What's the color, style, exact condition? I think it's a personal decision. If it was worth the good price and I could fix it up then I would probably buy it but if it were a style and color that was not a favorite of mine I'd pass.
  3. I'm pretty anal - I prefer buying new bags, and will only buy used if it's in mint condition and/or it's a discontinued style/color. If it's already dirty, it would totally bug me, esp if it's a light color.
  4. It's hard with light colored bags...I'd say wait for one that you really want in GREAT condition! :smile:
  5. Save your money and put it towards a new b-bag or a mint condition bag!
  6. If you really want a light colored bag, I would get it new and pretreat it to prevent it from turning grey or yellow. To be honest, it's difficult to turn back time on a light colored bag once it's turned on you. You have to redye it and go through the whole color matching/etc. process all over and the texture will never really be the same as it was before. I say definitely save your money towards a new one.
  7. i think it's hard to get rid of the greying once it sets in....
  8. I think that the only way to fix that greying is to have it "refinished" (e.g., re-dyed) and even then it won't ever be like the original. I would only consider buying a bag in this condition if it was *really* cheap ... just cuz it's a b-bag. ;)
  9. i voted for: depends
    if the colour is fading - does that mean that the leather is worn??? is it like fraded at all???? :Push:
  10. Well it's super cheap. Below 50% off. Damn it!! I need to stop buying just because it's retail. Haha.
  11. IMO, that bag is a great deal! I think it's in good shape actually. If the fading will really bother you...I don't know, but to me that's just kind of part of the deal, the colors do change over time.
  12. That bag looks great for the price to me too...I was picturing something a lot worse according to your description, but after seeing the auction I think it's worth it. I have bought from the seller and she is absolutely wonderful! She only sells authentic items and is very attentive, communicative, and nice!