Should I buy?

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  1. Hi, ladies!

    I’m thinking of buying this velvet Marmont but I’m concerned in case it looks dated in a couple of years? I recently bought one velvet Dionysus so I really shouldn’t be spending money so soon after but my SA in the outlet just informed me that they are carrying this bag. What would you do? I love it now but I’m afraid I could get toref of it? Does anyone have it or have a similar embroidered Marmont and can comment on quality? And would any of you happen to recall which was the original price before outlet? Thanks!!! ❤️

  2. Forgot to attach!

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  3. Pass for me. It really doesn’t sound like you love it if you have to ask.
  4. I love velvet but I don't like the letters on this one. If it just had the flowers or was plain I would love it. I do think with the letters you would tire of it and it's less classic, I would wait until you find the bag you love, even if you have to pay a little more.
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  5. I love the velvet bags generally but I really don't like the writing on this one so much.
  6. Thanks so much, ladies! I think I am leaning towards a no thanks to your help. I do love the bag but afraid to get tired of it!
  7. Agree with PPs, I’d tire of the writing I think
  8. It looks like one season bag. Way too trendy for me.