Should I buy what I want before collab ends?

  1. I wasn't around for the LAMB collaboration with Lesportsac... so I don't really know what happened to the availability of bags after it ended... So I'm wondering if I should splurge and get all the bags I want now because will the prices really go through the roof like everyone is saying once it ends? What happened with the LAMB bags? I don't want to be kicking myself later if it gets too expensive. How long do I have? I mean the last print comes out next month, right? AAH :nuts:
  2. My advice would be to pick up what you want now, because we don't really know what the availability is going to be once the collaboration ends. I too missed the LAMB collaboration with LeSportsac, and by the time I started looking for those bags, the only place to find them was on eBay going for exhorbitant prices. I don't know what the LSS LAMB prices are like currently, but if you truly love something, I would recommend buying it now while you know you can still get it because it may be unavailable or hard to find or not the exact print placement that you want.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I think u should get whatever you want before the collab ends, I guess the prices will go crazy once it ends (maybe for a while) you can see now inferno desired styled bag prices are $200 and up:push:
  4. I would love to buy all the toki's my heart desires, but I need to realize that it will be an iffy thing. I guess we won't know if the prices will go up, stay the same or be cheap. I'm sure prices will go up for a while, but since they are doing a re-release, who knows, they might end up re-releasing more bags and the bag you spend an arm and leg for will be at retail price.

    For my case, I've decided to get one thing in each print, (well in the most part some prints i have 3 at the mos). I'm pretty much buying what I want and know i will use, so no matter what the availability and price of toki's will be in the future, I'll have what I want.

    Good Luck On Your Decision!
  5. if you can afford it, and what you want is still available... I'd say just go for it now. nothing will get cheaper when the collaboration is over, because most of the time you have to fight eBay or just cross your fingers that the bags left are in stores like ross or whatnot. if you want to risk it then by all means do it- but you're gonna have to be very patient to wait for a decent price because I'm pretty sure things won't be selling for retail
  6. i agree with pirata ^^ only if you can afford it, because don't overspend & justify it saying that it'll be more expensive after the collab ends.

    i still look for deals even though the prints i want are long gone.
  7. I'd say purchase only the bags that you can afford now because it is never a good idea to be swimming in debt later on. I am sure that the prices will only go up after the collab ends just like the LAMB bags. However, this won't last long since the prices of new LAMB bags are unlike what it was a year ago, some selling below retail even. So, if you must have it, get it now, otherwise, be prepare for a long wait.
  8. I agree get what you want now if you can afford it! Also, remember that macy's and Nordstrom's will accept returns for a few months especially if you buy with their cards :biggrin: sooooo if you change your mind later on you can always return!
  9. Also, hit the outlets for older prints. Buy now while you can get new bags for a pretty good deal, than later when you can only get used bags. Then again, I'm a new bag freak. There's just something about new bag smell that really gets my heart beating...