Should i buy used?? Damier Ribera Mini Purse

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  1. Is $595 a good price for a used Damier Ribera Mini Purse that is in great condition?

    its not on the site anyone, what did it go for new? when was it discountined?

    As many of you i am looking for a bag smaller than a speedy 30 but bigger than an accessories large pochette... and i saw this one on a trusted second hand reseller...
  2. I am not sure on the pricing, but I do not love that bag to be honet--no offense. Weren't you also thinking of the epi bucket? Or was that someone else? I like the bucket better IMHO. However I know what it is like to not be able to make up your mind. Good luck in your search!! Let us know.
  3. i was but i went to LV and saw the damier one in person and it is WAY to big for what i was looking for.

    i wanted something larger than the accessories pochette to take with me to go out but not as big as the damier speedy 30
  4. What about the Eva?
  5. dont like the plaque...
  6. I know not a lot of people do not like this, but what about damier pap 26? It is a bit challenging to get inside though. Also, the Tivoli PM is in between speedy 25 and 30. Is that still too big?
  7. What about a pre-loved mini speedy? I thought I saw one somewhere recently for $180?
  8. The damier mini ribera went for 995 before it was discontinued. It's one of my favorite bags, but it is pretty small. I believe that there are some modeling pics of the mini ribera on the forum and pics of what the bag carries. It might be close, but I'm not sure that the mini ribera would be larger than a regular pochette accessoires.
  9. hmm thank you for the info!

    i will seek out more pics i found some and some very nice ones but i think i need to hunt in the what can this bag hold...

    i started looking at the used bags because none of the smaller current bags really appeal to me... other than the wilshire which is too expensive, and the speedy 25 which i like but i really want something different than a speedy..
  10. i think the ribera should hold more than the large accessories pochette

    damier ribera

    9" x 5" x 9.5"

    large accessories pochette

    5.1" x 8.3" x 1.2"
  11. I think $595 is overpriced for Ribera Mini. I remember paying $535 when I bought mine from an LV boutique. The bag has been discontinued for a while.
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  13. For some reason, the numbers are switched around on the website for the pochettes. It should be 8.3 x 5.1 x 1.2, so you are definitely gaining, but it might not make a huge difference, not sure. Look at the epi pochette dimensions and that should tell you the proper breakdown of the dimensions. Good Luck!
  14. you are right i wont be gaining much, so that i something to consider...
  15. I really don't think its worth the price. for that price you can add a little bit of money and get a brand new speedy, eva, or some other LV bag.