should i buy tomato blake bag

  1. i found one on sale at off fifth. what do u guys think about it thank u
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: Yes Yes Yes!! I'm looking at mine now..I LOVE it!!! I used it all throught the holiday season..I'll put it away this weekend and will swap to another bag....I just love the color..Love the blake!!!! How much is it on sale for now? I got mine for a little over 400.....Good luck!!! :heart: Emmy
  3. ^^ITA! This is one of the best reds MJ made! I would go for it!
  4. it was on sale for 500$ should i get it ? thank u:yes:
  5. Definately use the 30% off coupon downloadable in Deals and Steals and run over there.

    Post pics!
  6. thank u ladies. i ran and bought it for 400$. i was lucky toget the 30% off :yes: coupon there. thank for your advices. ianyway, i will post the picture in the nearly future since i'm not a computer person:sad: . i really have to wait for my husband to do it for me. thanks again:heart: :yes:
  7. Can't wait to see pictures, i love this bag!
  8. Glad you bought this...I have two tomatoe reds one in the cinched and the other in the Sophia...steller color.. maggie
  9. Oh the tomato is a beautiful color! That is a wonderful price too! Congrats, would love to see pics!
  10. Congrats! You made a good decision :nuts:
  11. it's so heavy:push: but i love the bag:heart: ladies do u think between Louis vuitton in epi red speedy 30 and this blake bag i just bought which one is better:s . please help me decide which one should i keep. i'm 5'9 and i like them both equaly :s but i can only afford one right now.:sweatdrop: can someone please talk me to get over Louis because i really want to keep this tomato blake bag. thanks for all your help:love:
  12. Congrats! I love the tomato Blake. It is heavy, though. I have the Blake in pink, and I love it, despite the weight. My red bag is the Epi Speedy - I love it - it's one of my very favorites. I say keep the Blake, and get the epi speedy in another color later.
  13. The only Off 5th Ave store areound here stinks.

    They hardly ever have any good MJ bags.

  14. ^ I agree!! Keep the Blake!! Hooray! We're bag twins :p ! I just love this bag b/c it keeps my stuff SOOOOO organized! I get so many compliments and I feel like such a girly-girl when I wear it! I went into Coach yesterday and one of the SA's came right over to me and was drooling over it! She was more interested in my bag than selling..But that didn't last long of course! I'm so glad you bought it..It's a great price! Hope you keep it! But keep what you love! :heart: Emmy
  15. Definitely. The tomato color is TDF!! I'm so jealous that you have an Off Fifth. Enjoy your bag!