Should I buy this?

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Should I buy the bag?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

    58 vote(s)
  1. Thank you everyone! The thing I wasnt sure of was the shape of the bag. I believe the price was $4,200 but I am in love with the color!
  2. Perhaps my tastes lean a bit young, but I think the shape is awesome!
  3. Not loving the style and definitely not at $4,200 but if you have spare cash lying around and don’t have anything else on your wishlist go for it
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  4. I like the hardware and leather combo so I can see why you were tempted. Shiny leather & matte hardware is super awesome how it contrasts. Unfortunately the shape of this bag is off. For $4200 you need to purchase a perfect bag.
  5. It is no from me. The general consensus is the dislike of the shape and proportions and not the color or hardware. I would look for another style.
  6. I love this color, but I'd prefer it in the more traditional boy bag shape/proportion.
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  7. Pass :smile:
  8. Pass
  9. No
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  10. What did you decide? Love the color but necessarily this shape.
  11. Not a fan of particular style
  12. I decided agaisnt it, I was in love with the color, but am not into the shape of this bag.
  13. Against*
  14. No. The style won't last long.