Should I buy this?

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Should I buy the bag?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

    58 vote(s)
  1. :smile:Hello! I saw this bag today and am not sure if I should buy it. I love the color but not sure of the look. Please let me know what you think!
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    It looks good on you. Reading your words, “am not sure if I should buy it” and “not sure of the look” I would pass until I saw something I knew I loved and would wear often. Just my opinion, do what works for you and your lifestyle. Good luck deciding.
  3. My SA showed me this yesterday but in black caviar and I personally found the shape a bit odd. I’m not a fan of the proportion
  4. I like the proportion but would look nice if it’s not quilted and more of a casual look- probably a bag that doesn’t have a chain strap.
  5. Not sure how of the look either. Think you should pass.
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  6. I don’t think it fits you. I would pass.
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  7. No don't like the style.
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  8. I don't like it
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  9. No. This bag looks a bit odd.

    Are you into camera bags? I’d get one from Chanel, if budget isn’t a problem.
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  10. The dimensions are a bit odd to me-it seems very deep given how narrow it is. For this reason, it may lack functionality.
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  11. Not a fan of this new Boy size. Looks so odd to me... like half of the bag is missing but stretched in length or so. Lol
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  12. I’m not a fan and if there are reservations about this one don’t waste your funds purchase another style.
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  13. Same here, not keen on the proportions. Can’t see it working on many (or any) body shape.
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  14. While I love the look of the boy bags in general, the shape of this one just doesn't do anything for me ...
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  15. No. It’s a strange shape.
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  16. No. It’s not a classic