should I buy this???

  1. there's a Mutlicolor coin purse on let-trade, the patina is really dark, but the price is good IMO...anyone have it??

    would it be better than a cles?!
  2. i think it depends on you... would you bother with the dark patina? because some people can't stand this...
    i think it's def. bigger than the cles, but i think it can be too bulky.
    i dn't have this coin purse, but i do have a MC cles, and i love it. i love the size of my cles and the fact that it can be used as key chain too :P

  3. yeah, i think you're right...i like the fact you can use it as a keychain too...i hope I can find a cheaper mc cles...I'd rather get that than a damier, but I'd get a damier if I don't find it.
  4. Save and get the MC that you really like? If you have to wait a bit longer it'll make the MC just that much sweeter!
  5. I have this in black and love it for small bags. it will hold about as much as cles. it gets bulky with a done of change in it.

    If you dont mine the patina go for it. I think you could take baby wipes to it and clean it up a bit!
    Price is right :yes:
  6. I would pass, that looks more than patina' looks dirty.
  7. YEAH, I think i might go for a MC cles., might be the only thing from the MC i could ever afford/really like also....anybody know how much it is in Cdn $$?!?!
  8. Hi

    this is completely off topic, buut was size is ur speedy in ur display pic? Thanks!
  9. I wouldn't because I would be bothered because the patina looks more greasy then just darkened :smile:
  10. ITA!
  11. :yes:
  12. The PMP is a perfect size as long as, like Bag Fetish said, you don't stuff too many coins in there. I hate change any ways so it's perfect for me!
    As for the one let-trade has, agree with what most other people looks dirty! I'd rather spend $200 on eBay to buy a decent one.
  13. it's a 35!!! :smile: best bag ever! great for school and travelling, super spacious! are you going to get one?!