Should I buy this?

  1. Hi everyone - I could use some advice.
    Today at Off 5th I saw the cutest red Marc Jacobs bag - it was on the small side - like a cosmetics bag. It had the buckle (the new version) and a zippered compartment inside. I would use it in my bag, or to throw a few things in and take out with me at night.

    It was originally $650 (which is CRAZY)
    Marked down to $425 - then marked down severly to $125...

    I just don't know what to do - that seems like a lot of money to spend on a cosmetics bag - and a small one at that...but I am an obessesion with MJ and it seems like a good deal! What is a girl to do?:crybaby:
  2. That's actually not too bad for a nice cosmetics bag, especially if it's a good sized one, I love red!
    But if you're doubting it at all. . . keep on moving!
  3. If tomorrow morning it is one of the first 3 things you think of go buy it right away. We understand obsession here.
  4. :yes: If it is still calling you........go get it.
  5. i think 125$ for a marc jacobs cosmetic pouch is a GREAT DEAL...
    but i must say, follow your heart and see if you really like it or not
  6. ^^ I agree - that is a good deal!! but you didn't get it at the time so maybe its not calling to you!:yes: