Should I Buy This??

  1. [​IMG]Its 2450-very high..It just came in..hhmm..HELP ME GUYS!!IS IT WORTH THE PRICE?:shrugs:
  2. It is awfully nice, plus looks like it holds the world. Have you been looking for this bag or did you just spot it?
  3. I have admired it in several expensive..My normal price point for Prada is like 1500 this makes me a tad hesitant!My SA is emailing me pics tomorrow..Will post them and see....
  4. I like it a lot but is very expensive.If I had the money I would buy it.
  5. I love it...I think Prada is the star this fall...finally they are back in full swing...I'd buy it...
  6. It's expensive b/c it obviously is all leather vs. classic nylon plus it's big. I love prada bags but I don't know if I'm in love with this one. If you like it then you should definitely get it.
  7. Oh Jill, I love it! If you can afford it, I would advise to get it. hee hee
  8. It's gorgeous but I'd be broke and sleepless if I bought it - If you can swing it with no side effects - by all means, get it!!!!!!
  9. Yea, they sure are back with a vengence - the prices are higher than ever!!!
  10. Jill, think about who you are asking by posting your question here! Definitely get it!
  11. PS I wonder about sales later in the season, though?
  12. That's a great bag! Gorgeous color (I love Prada's antique brown) and it's deerskin so I'm sure it feels absolutely amazing. It's also a classic style so you'd be able to carry it forever.

    Saks has the bag on their website--isn't there a code to get 10% off (something like SHOPJULY)? I thought I saw a post that someone used this code to get a discount. If this code works, perhaps getting 10% would clinch the deal...
  13. I would pass at that price.
  14. they got an even cuter one in..2590..Im about to buy it and get killed by PHH..LMAO...argh....
  15. Believe it or not, I like that one better than the first one. I would get that one. Just don't get caught Jill. We need you here.