Should I buy this???

  1. I would save for the speedy unless you love a small bag. I like the plaid but don't like the material either.
  2. do you want it? Or would you rather have your speedy? :shrugs:
  3. It's cute but I don't the pouches are worth the money IMO especially if you are saving for another bag...
  4. I kind of want them both. But idk.
  5. Keep saving for your speedy and if you need something to satisfy your urge to buy right now, go to a local Coach outlet if you have one nearby and get something little. You don't want to kick yourself for spending over $150 when trying to save up for your speedy!
  6. I wouldn't get it, it looks like it would get dirty easily but that is just me. I would save for the bag you want and get something on sale at the outlet like someone else mentioned. You can get a signature top handle pouch there for around 60 ish
  7. speedy! i really dont like this pouch much personally and i think it is realllly small and u will love the speedy a lot more
  8. Save for the Speedy for sure!!!!!!!! in a few months you will probably be able to find the Coach at the outlet for 1/2 off
  9. Please recheck again with the real one.
    My friend bought item and found that it is totally difference from this the official site photo.
    see the real one

    My friend complained about this problem no clearly explaination from Coach shop.

  10. I'd save for the Speedy!:tup:
  11. I would save for the speedy. The pouches are cute but expensive and really too tiny for a purse in my opinion.
  12. It is cute, but I would continue to save for the Speedy.
  13. the official site photo
  14. definately save for your speedy!!!
    i bought my first LV today and haven't regreted it at all....just a damier pochette with an extra strap that can be worn cross body...but i love it!!!
    honestly going into coach today was disapointing..nothing at all did i love or have to have, so i'm glad i saved and spent a little more....for such a classic bag:heart: