Should I buy this?

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  1. I have an opportunity to purchase this bag for $1500.00
    It is flawless. I've been spending so much money lately on bags I'm feeling a little apprehensive about it but I know this is less than half of what the bag costs.

    what should I do? should I save my money? help?

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    talk me off the ledge or just push me over!
  2. Is it a bag you have been lusting for, for a long time? If so get it. If its just something that you like right at this moment I'd say hold off.
  3. I agree with ranskimmie, if you really really really have wanted this and you will kick yourself for passing on the opportunity then get it; but, if it is just bag-lust you should pass.
  4. I've been lusting after this style since I saw Star's red one and I just fear I will never find it at this price again. so confused.
  5. Like the ladies said, if you realy want it go and get it! Otherwise let it go and get something you really love!!!
  6. If you feel that way. I say you should go for it. More than likely you will regret it later if you dont. Let us know if you get it!
  7. If you are into Forest green color and Crocodile leather, go for it!

  8. In my opinion, I can't see spending that much for a purse that is not all leather. On the other hand if you want something fun and already own many leather bags and can afford it, I say Go For IT!
  9. do you guys think I'll ever find one again (practically new) at this price? would I be jumping the gun? (I would NEVER pay $4000 for this thats for sure!)
  10. I'm sure eventually you might find one again, but probably not at this price. Do you feel like taking the chance? $4000 is too hefty for me too. Personally I have never seen this bag, is it pretty popular?
  11. I've only seen it once and thats part of the allure. I like having something that isn't all over the place (like my other bags!)
  12. If I were you I would get it because like you mentioned you are not going to find another one at this price! I find that I too often hold off and then kick myself later...but that's just me! If you absolutely :love: the bag then get it but only if you really need it and are going to get alot of use out of it :biggrin:
  13. Im thinking you should do it. It really sounds like you have already made up your mind. But was kind of hoping someone would pull you off that ledge. You can always resell if you change your mind later. I hate the kick-my-self feeling when I pass up something I have wanted for ever. Go for it!!
  14. The style is rare, and they're all usually around this price when they pop up on eBay.. so, it's all up to you ! ;)
  15. oh ayla - I'm so glad you said something. I was actually hoping you'd chime in on this.