Should I buy this wedding band? Honest opinions please!

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  1. Hi, ladies!
    I'm curious what you think about this wedding band.

    I currently wear a thin white gold 2mm engagement ring but I don't have a wedding band to go with it, as the ring sits VERY VERY low and anything that isn't custom made will just ruin the pave and etching throughout the ring.

    Therefore, I was thinking of getting a band to wear on my other hand. My engagement ring is vintage looking, so I was thinking of getting this one from Amazon. What do you think?

    It's only 2.2mm, so it's thin and maybe too dainty to wear alone, but I kind of like that, as I don't want any band that's too thick (and therefore overshadows my engagement ring)---despite the fact they'd be worn on opposite hands.
    So what's your HONEST opinion? Is this a good buy for $135?
  2. Very pretty. I like it.
  3. ITA! Very delicate and lovely!
  4. I love it! I love bands that are antique-looking. I think it's a great deal at $135. Maybe you can start a stack of similar rings.
  5. It's beautiful and classic!
  6. for $135 it is a steal, very vintage and delicate.
  7. Oh that's gorgeous!
  8. I like it as well!
  9. I think it is beautiful as well. It reminds me of Cathy Waterman jewelry.....really romantic and dainty just like yours.
  10. It is very cute, I like it. Have you ever thought about getting the 2 rings sodered together?
  11. I think it's cute.
  12. ITA w/ everything SuLi wrote!:tup:
  13. Beautiful ring, and what a deal for $135! I say get it!