Should I buy this Vintage Ligne Tote?

  1. I need honest opinions not enablers!! :yes: :smile: Nothing but the Cotton Club tote amazes me for spring and I have it on order in blue. I love the Vintage Ligne, love totes, and don't have a bag in this brown color. I'm thinking while the price is still $1995 to grab it, but I also had my heart set on a Modern Chain which is making a reappearance for fall, probably with a price increase. And the VL may reappear with a price increase too. My Nordstrom s/a said the company has sold out of all colors in the MC fall tote.

    I can either buy two bags now (this VL tote and the blue Cotton Club tote) or one bag now and another in the fall. I don't think my budget can handle three new bags this year but that could change. Right now I'm thinking in practical terms.

    What I'd like opinons on is whether or not this VL tote color is too winterish looking as I live in AZ where the sun is always shining. I'm not a bright colors kind of gal - the most daring is my beige/black Reporter and champagne colored Cloudy Bundle tote. But is this VL too fall-like in color?

  2. I know some think it's wintry/Michelin Man-ish, but not me!!

    I LOVE this tote, it's easier to carry than the M/C to me. . .

    I'm going to have to enable you:yes:
  3. Well are you only able to buy one of these purses or are you debating on when to get it? I like the brown bag for fall...very pretty. But the Blue cotton club is TDF!
  4. Swanky, I love the color too! It is so right up my alley!

    Skinny, I edited my original post with my bag budget this year. It is not as plentiful as last year, alas.
  5. you totally should.... i love the style and the color.....
  6. Got it hehe. I would buy one bag now and one never might change your mind!!!
  7. I am biased, have a bag from this line and totally love it, so I would say go for it!! :smile: Also, just my opinion but I like brown with khaki/white so depending on the outfit I would wear it year-round not just Fall/Winter. Post pix of what you get!
  8. Roey get the blue CC tote for sure and maybe wait for a fall bag.
  9. I love it... and it doesn't seem too fall-ish at all, to me.
  10. hmm, i like the bag! why don't you buy it for now, and wait til the fall chanel collection is up on their website and see if there is anythign else you would rather have. personally, i prefer the darker brown in the vintage tote, but that's just me! to me, fall screams like dark, rich browns, and gorgeous crimson reds
  11. reasons why Roey should buy this bag:

    1. This color suits you very well! I know it's just the right shade since you already own the beige reporter and the (dark-tannish?? lol) cloudy -it fits in nicely between the two, AND you don't have a real brown bag since you returned your jumbo flap... so it will be a good replacement

    2. since you like to keep your bags in TIP-TOP shape, AND the features of this bag, the thick straps and tote style is more "low maintenence" in comparison to bags which you'd have to be more cautious w/ when using like your bowler, etc.

    3. the shape of this bag is... square-ish, which youre fond of

    4. You enjoy a good tote, and this one will likely be used a lot because of it's "casual appeal" vs. your GST

    ... so basically, this bag fits right into your collection, you don't really have anything like it, AND you'll love it just as much :smile: -i kind of feel like a stalker now, Roey! Don't worry, I just have a really good memory, lol

    AND the color is NOT to winterish... i tend to think in the west (south) that LA and AZ are kinda the same (in more laid back approach) are not as nit-picky on winter colors vs. spring-summer colors -probably because there is never any real winters out here, so as long as the wardrobe permits, you're good to go year round!!

    wow, this was long... good luck!
  12. lol, i think i just really like this bag...
  13. I have both the MC and the lady braid tote, luv them both!! The VL Lady braid tote is awesome for all day shopping, on vacation, etc.... doesn't get heavy or bothersome and can put plenty into it if you want. I think the color is okay for warm or cold... Have you seen the color in person? Go with your gut feeling, you are the one carrying the bag. For the price of a Chanel, you should Luv it!

    Good Luck
  14. i'd go for it, roey!
    i don't think the color is too rich for summer. it's got a warm almost caramel undertone which makes it go great with khakis, bronzes and beiges imho.
    it's also hard to find a good tote that has a zippered top! that's important to me in practical terms.
    if you already know for sure that you love this ligne, then i feel like you can't go wrong. if you were iffy about loving the VL tote though, i'd say wait for fall. chanel does fall bags like no other!
  15. LOL Janny! Your post cracked me up!! Well, there's nothing wrong with taking delivery and holding onto it tag still intact until the fall line previews. Then I"ll know whether it is really meant to be or if I should move on to something else. I'm afraid of Chanel quality slipping as supply increases to meet demand; therefore, purchasing bags that were made earlier in the seasons seems like a smart move.

    I haven't seen the color in person chabich but it reminds me of a rich cognac, and cognac has always been my favorite color for a bag. I just wasn't sure if it fit this particular style of bag. Thanks, Jennifer, for making it clear that it really does!