Should I buy this VGL Kelly 32 from Japan Reseller?

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  1. Hi all,

    I got this choice of Kelly 32VGL (Lisse) in black from a Japan Reseller. I'm very new to Hermes & definitely appreciate all of your suggests. (not quite sure if the pics'll successfully attached-sorry if not)

    -what do you think abt Lisse in comparison with Box calf, Togo or clemence? I do wish I could find one in Box but it's no. In some threads, you guys've talked abt that it is a stamped leather and couldn't be polished like other natural leathers.

    -Would you H lovers buy the leather that has been no more produced by H like this VGL?

    -Should I buy from a reseller? (the price is surely higher than in my local H store but I see no chances to get a birkin or a kelly fr H store & have no chance to travel to other countries that often.

    Thank you - especially to VanillaSkye for yr advice! :P

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  2. It is a beautiful Kelly! But only you can say if it really speaks to you! For instance, I love my Vache Liegee Kelly. I know many do not care for that type of leather, but as soon as I saw it, I was in love! And that is what it is all about.

    I would say go for it if you are comfortable with the reseller and authenticity. It is beautiful!
  3. oily, thank YOU for your info about why H has discontinued VGL. I personally would not buy another VGL now that I know, because I don't know if H would maintain a cache of discontinued leathers (and in the right colour to boot), which would pose a problem should my bag need repairs/ replacement parts years down the road.
    But above all, I'd ask myself: Do I REALLY love it or am I just settling for what's immediately available? At these prices, I don't think you should get something that doesn't make your heart sing... especially if it's your 1st.
    However, if you love it, you should get it. After all, we all know that true love transcends practical considerations!! ;)
  4. Very pretty; but I have personally purchased a 32 Kelly in a Lisse (rouge H), but returned it since I ended up not liking the feel of the leather.

    I am not sure where you are located, but if purchasing from a Japanese reseller is an option for you, then there are definitely 32 Kelly in boxes that are available to you.
  5. I need to correct my posting above -- I ended up selling (and not returning) the Kelly in LIsse that I bought.

    Another reason why I sold this bag is that, as Vanillaskye raised, H may not be able to do anything for you since it is a discountinued leather in case that you ever need major repairs on it (like replacing a handle).

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks, I don't actually live in Tokyo but have a flight to Fukuoka soon. I call them but they don't have any new first hand in other leather but in Lisse.

    Your experience does warn me to rethink abt the H after service. Would you recemmend me to shope from the Japan reseller? The shop I mentioned is DAIKOKUYA. :confused1:
  7. I just noticed she is in Graphite not in black !
  8. Oily, I wil PM you after I came back from dinner!
  9. Oily – If you’re still looking for a 32cm black box Kelly, there’s one on ebay at the moment, but I’d check its authenticity on the authenticity thread. I don’t have the exact link, but here’s the bay item number: 180231648945
  10. i am confused. Are we talking about Vache Liegee? It is not discontinued, is it?
  11. SA in my country spelled the word for me that "Lisse". I'm very new to H & wonder if "Lisse" & "Liegee" the same thing. It'd be kind of you to teach me here. Thanks! ;)

  12. Thank you Purple D! IS IT BRAND NEW? I do think that ebay offer a better price than in my country. I'm in Asian countries & not quite sure if I can enjoy the delivery service of ebay.