Should I buy this--urgent advice needed!

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  1. Hi, experts and ladies
    My SA sent me this picture, I am not certain about the quality of this bag, particularly the leather... concerning the quality this year...
    please advise whether I should buy it or not?
  2. Hi there. I think this beige is a really nice color. It would be a great neutral piece to have. Why not go see it in person n make ur decision then. :smile:
  3. If you do not have a beige flap yet, go for it. It is beautiful!
  4. I do not have a beige one.. and my SA has to use my credit card to transfer it from another store.. so I can not go to the store and see it...
    I wonder how you think about the quality of the leather? people have been complaining that the caviar is dull and dry lately...
  5. My friend bought this one last month. She loves it. It is very beautiful. Go for it.
  6. I thought the issue was with black caviar only though so I think this should be fine.
  7. agree ;)
  8. The beige looks great! Get it 😉
  9. I am turned off by the idea of paying for a transfer. This is a chanel bag, you should feel it and see it before you commit to buy.
  10. This is a classical piece, should have one
  11. Yes if you don't have beige flap. It's classic and timeless.
  12. buy it. if you really don't like it when you see it in person, you can return it no?
  13. beige is a beautiful colour but i do like it with gold hardware
  14. Agreed, I love the beige with ghw was just about to say it but it just a personal preference lol
  15. +1 I prefer beige with ghw