Should I buy this purse? - Time sensitive: NEED HELP NOW!

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  1. oh dear... it's gone! did you get it??:graucho:
  2. I hope you were the gone that snatched up this beauty! I would prefer the pink one in this style though.
  3. linpaddy get it! If you find something better later, you can always return the purse to bluefly... at least you'll already have it with you for comparison!

    i hope you did get it.
  4. Yes, I did! :yahoo:

    Now to hunt down the pink version. Thank you all for your help!

    Gosh, I'm spending $$ at work. That's multitasking!
  5. ^ Yipee!!! Don't forget to post pics. I saw this in Saks (priced at retail, of course) and i thought it was cute and neutral. So cute! I thought it would be bigger but IRL, it's actually perfect for petite people.

    Yup.. multitasking... you're spending money as you earn it! hee hee.
  6. Congrats- that shade of grey is just so pretty!
  7. I still love my pink version but it isnt getting very much mileage because its prone to colour transfer. I hope this grey one will be better! Enjoy your new purchase.
  8. Congrats!!