Should I buy this purse or not?

  1. It's Be & D.
  2. For $900 I would have to love it. That bag is a little plain for me but if you like it go for it.
  3. It's so cute!
  4. Does anyone see this purse in person?

    4 1/2"H x 18"W x 4 1/2"D

    I am worried maybe too big for me. :idea:
  5. I bought this bag in a caramel leather last Summer, but I had never seen it IRL. I had it for a few days but finally returned it. The leather is very nice but the bag is very big and the shoulder strap very wide, so it's not very comfortable on your shoulder. The good thing about NM and BG is that you can keep them a few days, wear it around the house and if it's not for you - just return.
  6. The white looked nice, but I don't really like this metallic color. But what a price!
  7. Personally it doesn't do much for me. But it only has to be cool to you, you are the owner. If you love love love it, then get it. You can always return it.

    Remember, there is ALWAYS another bag around the corner.
  8. :yes: a plain handbag but really very nice,I like white color.If you really like it,buy it!
  9. Sylviap had mentioned something that struck me, too, when I viewed that's the shoulder strap that had me wondering if it would be too wide and, therefore, uncomfortable. I don't think I would want this bag just because of that.
  10. buy this purse!it's pretty!
  11. any more inputs? THANKS.
  12. I like it and I like simple/understated stuff.
    But I am thinking you could get something somewhat similar for a lot less. Have you thought about buying a Tano? Some of their bags look quite a lot like the one you posted.
  13. It's OK, but I bought something similar and kept getting my hair caught on the studs.