Should I buy this puppy??? MJ TOTE

  1. I already have the black quilted venetia and the Mischa in Emerald. I was thinking that maybe I should get a Chanel tote
    instead..any thoughts? Maggie

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  2. I think Jill bought this bag recently, but in the soft calf leather. I heard the patent leather is tacky on this bag...

    IMO, I think it's a very practical bag. But if I had to choose btw a Chanel and this MJ, I would go with Chanel because I've been eyeing those forever! LOL. I like black bags to be classic looking, and Chanel screams classic.
  3. yep- I got it by accident in the was nasty IRL..I then got it in the leather and LOVE IT! its such a great bag!
  4. Love both of them
  5. Thanks you guys...I bought the smooth version in black. In the end decided to go with Marc versus Chanel... no local chanels so was going on descriptions by sales folks at there a place to view chanel? thanks maggie
  6. from the picture it looks gorgeous, never seen it IRL though...
  7. I've read a couple of posts from lucky ladies who have MJ bags in Emerald, but have never seen them in the stores or on-line anywhere. Are they only available at the boutique? I'd love to buy one!
  8. Listen to Jill... she knows her stuff!!! I think the bag looks great in the picture... but IRL it may be different
  9. I have seen several styles in Emerald at Nordstrom. I am sure MJ boutiques have them as well. =)
  10. I talked with an SA from the LV boutique, and he said that Emerald is by far his favorite color of the season!
  11. Do you like this tote a lot? Are you considering patent leather or non-patent leather? I have seen both versions and like the patent version more; BagHound has this tote in Patent Cola, it's pretty in real life. MJ did a very good job with his patent leather line -- the leather is soft and does not look like plastic at all.

    In terms of style, I find all-over quilting overwhelming on such a big bag. I prefer the tote from the same line of Mischa (Chanel has something similar as well) especially the shoulder straps (very pretty). The Sporty Tote is also very pretty, but it's not quilted though.
  12. I think the Mischa tote is TDF, more classic looking than the above patent. Have you checked it out?

    Side note, I tried on the Sporty tote and can't say I liked the feel of it, the handles were too wide and didn't stay on my shoulders. The straps kept falling off.
  13. aereodyte - I think the Emerald color is TDF. But if you are more interested in buying a bag with the quilted look, I would go for the Chanel since that's so classic in their line. That bag is beautiful though and I bet it will be stunning in Emerald. Ack...I can't even choose and I'm not even buying it! :lol: LOL! Good luck with your decision! Let us know what you do.