should i buy this paradiso bella?

  1. here i am once again, contemplating a bella! hahaha. but this one is paradiso! i never really liked the bella, but this one is pretty cute! not too many cut off faces on the front, so thats nice. for some reason i was really drawn to it, and the seller is proposing $100 with shipping. of course im gonna ask if she can go to 90, but we'll see what happens. what do u guys think?

    CIMG2799.GIF CIMG2800.GIF
  2. i like the back a lot 'cause the pink haired girl is my favorite with the rainbow & the birds :smile: 100 shipped sounds very decent, since the outlets would sell it for 97.50 and around 8 for shipping.. but if it doesn't have your personal favorites, i'd skip it. :p
  3. I think it's really cute. I was never a fan of the Bella, but I just recently got an OP Bella Bella and I love it, so maybe you'll end up loving the Bella. :biggrin:
  4. I think it looks adorable. The front ... you can actually see full faces and it's not very chopped up at all.
    $100 shipped is actually really, really good! :yes:
  5. yeah i like the faces too!!!

    on paradiso i dont really have a favorite charatcer minus the coconut girl, but i dont really like whats around her! and i like the girl in my avatar because she looks like me, but i also LOVE the girl with the cute green earrings by the snowman!

    i just got a CR BV tho! i want so many tokis!
  6. AHHH CLOUD PEOPLE MAKING KIDS! they're my fave :love:
  7. so i should get it? hahahaha
  8. lol googly ... I'd say yes ... but then again I never say no when people ask that question .. lol
  9. haha, you're such an enabler :p

    personally, i think if you even have to ask.. you probably don't really want it. :s but that's cause i'm only into getting pieces i really am crazy for!
  10. true, kim has a point. hahahahaha. i am going crazy right now, i just cant decide! its more of a saving money issue for me. i only have 2 (well 3 when the other one comes) tokidoki bags, yet i feel like i invested a lot into them. im not really into wanting a certain bag, i just see bags on sale and analyze the print placement and if i find the bag useful.

    i usually ask to see what ppl think of the print placement, hahahaha.

    man, i love tokidoki....