should I buy this or not?

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  1. What do you guys think about this bag?
    any opinions would be greatly appreciated!:smile:

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  2. Nice. I like the drop.
  3. like the style, hate the color! Like the pocket on the side!
  4. Go for it! :rochard:
  5. I like it. what is it?
  6. Go for it! Love the color.
  7. It's Francesco Biasia Oversize Crocodile-embossed Flap Satchel
    on sale right now for 228 dollars. I'm thinking about getting one.
  8. It's nice.
  9. it's classic without looking cheap

    how much?
  10. Love it!
  11. it's okay...
  12. I think it´s beautiful!
  13. hey i think the bag's beautiful.which brand is it?
  14. i like the style and color. Its pretty unique looking and in a good way :smile:!
  15. It looks nice :smile: