Should I buy this??? NOW!!?

  1. ARGH!!!!! I am freaking out...I just found a Blue Sig Stripe Tote (MEDIUM) for BIN $199! (If y'all have been reading my posts I've been trying to decide between THIS bag, the Multi Stripe Shoulder Tote, Large Denim Carly, Hamptons Weekend Tote - new BLUE color) Should I GO FOR IT??????
    Says there are a few spots that can be cleaned, but can't be seen in the pics?!?!?!?! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    I'm also so nervous because I know I can't return it, but it's a good deal for what they go for usually. I am sitting here wondering "what about the Denim Carly I have?"...she'll DEFINITELY have to go back. But, I was considering returning her anyway!?!??
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! Should I just WAIT and not make a quick decision or should I jump on this??? The LARGE totes are going for about the same price, so......I DON'T KNOW?!!? HELP!:nuts:
  2. If the listing says there are a few spots that can be cleaned - I would wonder why she didn't clean them before she listed.....
  3. I don't know...this is what they say in the auction:
    "There are a couple of dark spots on two "C"s on one side of the bag, and on the fabric as well as well as the bottom . These stains aren't really visible unless someone just stands and stares at your bag. The saleslady at the Coach counter in Dillards told me the spots can be removed with a washcloth and plain water. I tried to take a picture of it but there are so light you can hardly see them."
    Think I should hold off?
  4. ^^ Yeah. That doesn't sound right. She could have cleaned them. That's always going to be on your mind too. "Can anyone see this?"
  5. Thanks for talking some sense into me, ladies!!! :noggin:
  6. Keep the denim Carly!
  7. I dunno Purse, the signature fabric cleaner would take those right out.... :drool: but I'm an enabler and I love the sig stripe in blue.
  8. I think some people are afraid to clean the bag... they worry about ruining it and would rather just sell it like that and let the buyer know and clean it themselves.

    I've purchased a two bags from eBay that pointed out the spots and was able to clean them both. One was a stain and the other was an ink mark on leather.
  9. I would keep the Carly! I think it's much more comfortable with the single shoulder strap, it has a zip top closure, and I think it can hold the same amount. JMO:s
  10. Don't buy the bag. What if the stains don't come out and you are stuck with it. Your Carly is beautiful. If you find the Carly to large for you, you can switch it to the medium size one. Good luck!
  11. My personal choice would be the Carly.
  12. I don't like to rush into a decision such as this. If someone else buys it, it was meant to be. Take your time and you will be happier.
  13. I like the Carly on you!
  14. definitely stick with your carly - that bag looks AMAZING on you!