Should I buy this Moni Moni bag?

  1. The bag looks so soft and delicious!! :yes:
  2. i agree.. totally delish. go for it!
  3. I actually heard a lot of problems with the quality- the leather dye looks uneven and stitching that is poor. You might want to try to see one in real life before committing. Or at least make sure there is a good return policy
  4. The bag looks nice, but I think that some members have had problems w/ defects in the bag, poor quality, etc. I think you can find out more if you do a thread search about it. Otherwise the bag is cool, though.
  5. I like the Moni Moni bag...but I don't know about the quality.
    I did find it at Label360 - Designer handbags, shoes and accessories. and all their handbags (except sale items) are 30% off...they don't have the color you are showing though..if you decide to shop there, the code is "handbag30".
    Good luck! Post and let us know if you buy and like it...
  6. Hmmm I am worried about the quality now too...there is no way for me to see IRL!!
  7. I am not 100% certain, but I have ordered from Adasa before and I believe they include a prepaid label for returns. Plus free two-day shipping!
  8. Unfortunately I don't qualify for free shipping cause I am in would end up paying alot of postage if I don't like the bag!! Maybe I should stick with IF!
  9. I ordered the splendor in Grey Pearl from ADASA and returned it because it looks shabby and dirty...I didn't like the material for what I paid for . But maybe you might like it in other colors.
    Good Luck and let us know!