Should I buy this Miu Miu?

  1. I'm thinking about buying the Miu Miu nappa leather drawstring bag but as usual I'm being really indecisive. I saw it when I was in Saks the other day and I really liked it. The size is perfect and the leather is soooo soft. But I'm not really sure I like the drawstrings on the sides. And I can't decide which color to get: cammello or black?
    Here it is in cammello:
    Miu Miu - Nappa Leather Drawstring Bag -

    And this is it in black:
    Miu Miu handbags

    What do you think, should I get it or not? And if so, which color?
  2. That is a very pretty bag! I hope you get it! I prefer the cammello color, its so lucious.
  3. the cammello is gorgeous and it ages very well too! i saw the cammello display for the larger version and it's gorgeous! but the SA told me it could get stained so i guess the black one would be easy to maintain!
  4. Camello. I love browns and tans for bag :biggrin:
  5. Carmello!
  6. yes its beautiful.

    Does anyone know if this site delivers to the uk?
  7. i really like the first one.
  8. i´ve seen the black one in a shop. it looks great. Anyhow, I would take the camello. I love Miu`s Nappa Patch Satchel.....
  9. I like this bag. I think it is more striking in the carmello colour.
  10. Should you buy this Miu Miu?

    Why, of course you should!!!! LOL, enabling mood today! It's a beautiful bag, I love it!! Go, go, go!!!
  11. I think the cammello is beautiful! But i got caught in a shower and it got stained by a couple of drops of rain.

    Does anyone know what to use on the cammello coffer to avoid stains and give it some protection?
  12. I like it and think you should get it..hard decision on the color though. Black might be lower maintenance.
  13. Get the black! :tup: