Should I buy this magenta first?


Dec 2, 2005
So. Today, I dropped by this little boutique near my house that I remembered carried balenciagas. I was hoping to play with some of the bags and check out how the colors were IRL.. when I saw that they had a magenta first available! I immediately freaked out I've been seriously lemming a magenta balenciaga for a LONG TIME.. it's funny because the first time I saw a magenta b-bag was at the same boutique, last year! I asked the SA about the bag and she told me that it was, get this, 20% off!

By then, I'm about near dying with excitement.. and totally ready to purchase it.. but at closer inspection, I realized that this was a bag that was probably on display for a good year. The leather was okay- it looked more distressed than I remember it and I wasn't sure if tiny purple spots are normal for the color or if it was specks of dirt. Plus, it was the FIRST and not the city or twiggy, which are the sizes I prefer.

So what should I do?! I asked the SA to put the purse on hold.. and I am completely floored by the 20% discount. (I think it would come out to about $860 or so.) The color is GORGEOUS and I'm absolutely in love.. and it doesn't seem like this opportunity will ever come up again. (I was in a transaction for the magenta in the city size but it fell through..) The bag is NOT in a bad condition, don't get me wrong. It's probably 90-ish% new. Am I just being too picky? Also, I don't remember the leather on the magenta, so I'm not sure if it's just the leather or if the bag is damaged. The size is not that huge of a deal for me- now that I saw it again, I think the city may be a bit overwhelming in the color, considering that I'm 5'1".

haha. I'm SO torn. Help me ladies! A gorgeous magenta balenciaga.... should I do it? If I was to purchase it, the money would be coming from my cornflower b-bag fund. (PS. The cornflower was not impressive in the first size.. maybe because the color falls flat next to the stunning magenta!! *sigh* But I love it in the twiggy..)


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Since you were looking for that particular color for the longest time, I think you should go for it unless you can find another magenta first in the near future. 20% is a pretty good deal for a B-bag! As for the tiny purple spots, you can probably use that to your advantage and haggle with the SA to get additional discount! You might want to take a closer look at those purple spots to make sure that they are dirt and nothing else. If it's just dirt, you can probably get them off by using Apple Garde products. Good luck and let us know if you're able to get that beauty.


Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
Agree with Irissy, haggle the discount down further seeing as it's got small marks. If they won't go lower have them clean it first to see if they will come off. Good luck, if you buy it post pics!


Feb 22, 2006
definitely get it! try and get more off of it, since it's not perfect. good luck!!!! I love bright colors in the first size!


Jan 18, 2006
I agree with everyone! You should totally go for it. BTW- I am also 5'1" and the City is not overwhelming at all on. BUT with that being said, I still think you should go for the mangenta first. I think the size of the First in such a vivid color is TDF!!! You will kick yourself later if you don't go for it because that color is impossible to find, and when will you ever get that kind of a deal on a b-bag! You are so lucky- can't wait to see pics!


Mar 8, 2006
Sounds like you will have regrets if you don't purchase the bag and you have certainly thought things out so I say get it as well.


Jan 27, 2006
Alberta, Canada
You seem really excited--I think you should get it. The magenta color will only become more and more difficult to find.

I have a couple of bags in the First size, and I really like them. They are smaller, but they still hold a lot of stuff. They can work well for evening too, which is nice.

I think you might regret it if you don't get this bag...but get the best deal you can.


Dec 2, 2005
Thanks so much, ladies! haha we're such enablers. I'll definitely go back today and haggle some more.(or.. at least try. The SA was so intimidating.) I can't stop thinking about it! I'm just going to think of it as being meant to be! AH. Can't wait!
Jan 25, 2006
kattiepie said:
Thanks so much, ladies! haha we're such enablers. I'll definitely go back today and haggle some more.(or.. at least try. The SA was so intimidating.) I can't stop thinking about it! I'm just going to think of it as being meant to be! AH. Can't wait!
If you can't stop thinking about it, you should definitely get it. If by chance you decide it's not for you after you purchase it, you can always post it in the marketplace, or if that doesn't work, I doubt you would have any trouble selling it on eBay.

Good luck!


finding my ♥BLISS♥
Feb 21, 2006
good luck with the SA! definetely buy it if it's the color you're in love with.. and i completely agree with angstofgumby in that you would have NO trouble reselling it should you not want to keep it


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
SF Bay Area
For 20% off, I would jump on that baby. Everyone who has been saying it is right, you can definitely unload for atleast at cost if you change your mind later.

It's a beautiful color!!!