Should I buy this Luella Stevie?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need your opinion of whether I should buy this Luella Stevie bag. It is originally $3000 AUD (approximately $2250 USD) but it is now reduced to $1250 AUD (approximately $938 USD).

    It is made of both leather and lizard. I'm not sure if I like the colours and whether I can take it out alot. I'm worried that the bag will make my outfits look too busy (if I'm not wearing darker colours).

    What do you think?
  2. i'm sorry girl, but it's not my taste :p
    the pattern is too busy for me.

  3. I think you can find something much nicer for that price!
  4. Totally agree with Crystalina!
  5. i love it - it's so cute and fun
  6. You sound too doubtful about it yourself.

    [When I see a bag, I don't need to ask anybody. I know I want/NEED it.] But you know how you react to other bags you've bought. Do YOU want it and will YOU enjoy it?
  7. If in doubt, don't buy.
  8. uhhh.. I think it's too colorful for a tote..
  9. it's not my taste but if you love it, that's all what counts. ;)
  10. If you have to ask you don't really love it. I'm sure you can find something you do love for that price. Save your money.
  11. I agree. I think you could find something much nicer for that price.
  12. I agree with the other posters - too busy and too pricey.
  13. I agree with the others, for that amount of money you can find something nicer.
  14. There is a LOT going on there. I'd say buy it if you love it, but if you have any doubts, chances are you might not even wear it when you have it.
  15. It's a fun and funky bag that's probably good for a few wears. I see it could look great with whites, pastels, reds and oranges, colors that make it pop out. If you want to hide the bag (so to speak), dark colors are the way to go. If you're in a creative job, this bag will fit in perfectly no matter what you wear, and you'll get a lot of mileage from it. Unless it goes down way more, it's not worth almost $1000 USD to me personally.

    Here's my mentality: Would I pine for it desperately if it were full price? If yes, I almost always buy it. If not, then I leave it where it lies. Just because it's on sale is not reason enough for me to purchase anything.

    I'd say take that money and look elsewhere unless you absolutely have to have it.