Should I buy this Lilac Work?

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  1. Hi there,

    This bbag addiction won't end. There are just so many colors and style sthat I love! So I amconsidering buying this lilac work eBay: Balenciaga Lilac New Authentic Work Handbag Bag tote (item 300050874602 end time Nov-25-06 18:44:41 PST)

    Do you think this lilac looks like it has too much grey in it? I am fairly new to bbags but I've seen posts about twisting and conditioning bbags like this to mak ethe leather more supple and smooth. Can you please explain the process to me and direct me to where I can buy the supplies?

    Oh, yeah, and please tell me to hit "Buy It Now"! hehehe :yes:
  2. Dear sngo,

    I love the color. But I dont know about the seller? She has quite a collecction of Bbags..Does anyone here deal with this seller before? I swear I saw those Bbags pics at another reputable site that sells Bbags :confused1:
  3. Elizabeth Thomas is a reputable seller and, yes, she has tons of b-bags! They are her pics and I've noticed they get stolen a lot. I do notice that all the bags she has are quite veiny but they are indeed authentic.

    What site are you thinking you saw her pics on? There aren't many of them that are legit.
  4. ditto Glimmer. Elizabeth Thomas is totally reputable, and that is a good price for a lilac work :yes:
  5. Her pics and auction info were stolen by another seller that listed them at a way low price. They were so dumb they didn't even bother to remove her name from the auction info. Poor woman.
  6. The lilac is a beautiful color personally I prefer veins on lightcolored bags it just adds to their caracter.
    Don't know if you got it but if so congrats!
  7. ^^ did you hit the magic button?!?! :shrugs:

  8. Yeah she has a website!!... she sells some on ebay and on her website too!!


    She's wonderful!! :biggrin: indeed 100% AUTHENTIC!
  9. :sweatdrop: you really should get it! She's a great a bag from her recently and it was a bit veiny but still had smooth and nice leather...

    but the real reason I'm telling you to hit the buy it now is because I have been tempted on and off in the last several weeks to get that bag-- you will be putting me out of my misery, by getting it and truly enjoying it for yourself!!! I still need to love and baby(I just received my lovingmybags lotions/treatment!) the ones I have before I get another one!
  10. Yay, I did it! I've been thinking about this bag and even dreaming about it for days and I needed to stop, so I did it!!!:yahoo:

    ethan&me - can't even tell you how many times I hit the "Buy It Now" button and then chickened out. I'm glad to put you out of your misery! How quickly did she ship your bag out when you purchased from her? I want my new bag NOW!

    aaa - YES, but if it were truly a magic button, my new bag would land immediately into my lap!

    eping, catcat, fendihunter, decophile, and glimmer - thanks for the encouragement!

    chrischris - thanks for the 'heads up' but i did some research on the seller before i decided to buy - there's too many crooks out there not to!
  11. I saw some same pics from - that was a recomended site at atelier.naff (where to buy Bbags when you are in..). I have not had the experience with Ebay so I do not know anything about the seller.
  12. Chrischris62 - ooh wow I've never been to, great site!
  13. congrats!! :biggrin: must post pictures when you receive it!... and she ships really fast :biggrin:!!
  14. YIPPPEEE!!! congratulations :yahoo:
    it's such a great bag, i wonder why you should bother to ask us :P
  15. congrats, it's so pretty! :biggrin: